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Vertical lift hills and safety issues

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I just spend a lot of time watching ride videos and one question arised for which I couldn't find much info to answer. I saw lots of videos from coasters with vertical lift hills (90° up, you're laying on your back, feets up) and I wondered: what if someone gets sick during that stage of the ride? This probably won't happen very often (has it even happened yet at all?), especially not if the lift hill is at the beginning of the ride. But some rides, like Fluch von Novgorod, have this element in the middle of the track (at Novgorod, you will get launched first and pass some inversions before brakes slow you down and you're ascending the vertical lift hill) so you could potentially feel sick when you enter the lift hill. Since there are over the shoulder restrains, you could not do much to move your head if you'd have to vomit.

I know that's probably an unappetizing question, but since the first thing we learned at first aid was "never put sick people on their backs to prevent suffocation if they spill" I worry a bit that this might pose some health risk. Has anyone more info on this? Are there security cams so that staff can see if this situation occurs (but what to do then?)? Has this topic ever been discussed by ride manufacturers with some public info available? Or is that not an issue at all for reasons I'm not aware of? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

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