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Theme Park hauntings and ghosts

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^ Well according to a documentary I saw about ghost hunters in the 1970's, some amusement park owners would claim that their park was haunted to scare away guests and be able to collect insurance money. Some even went as far as to dress up as a ghost to scare people away.


They would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling ghost hunters (along with their "talking" dog).

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LOL! - have a Scooby snack.


BPB is indeed said to be home to some ghosts. The Ghost Train is reputedly home to Clogger, a ride attendant of the original Pretzel (ghost train) ride which preceeded the "modern" 1930s ride. He supposedly patrols the upper level, heard by his clogs clunking along the floor. Now that may seem like a typical ghost story, and the fact it involves a ride themed around ghosts can make it sound less credible, but something made a giant shiver strike down my spine when watching the Most Haunted Live programme late last year. In the Ghost Train, via help from his "spirit guide" Sam, medium Derek Acorah said Clogger had a horrific argument with a Japanese or Chinese man (I can't remember which.. says me sounding inadvertantly racist). The spine shiver happened as I know that the owner/concessionaire of the original Pretzel ride, which Glogger operated, was either Japanese or Chinese (again, I can't remember which, and that's bad). It could all have been researched and the argument story made up for the programme, but it could also be true. I don't know either way myself.


Also, I think a couple of children are said to haunt the Flying Machine shop. I know very little about that (well, basically what I've said) but the ride is 101 years old afterall, meaning so is the structure the shop exists in. It even has the original sand beneath the engine room flooring, though that's not really relevant. Perhaps the children fell from the ride, which still has no restraints (though the gondoliers/pilot guys standing free on the planes disappeared a loooooong time ago - yes, free-standing staff, one per plane).


Ripley's Believe It Or Not on Ocean Boulevard (the road and buildings at the front of the park) is supposedly haunted too, from what the Most Haunted people showed. Again, they could be spoofs (spook spoofers..!) but there's a lot of freaky stuff in there, regardless. I'm yet to venture in myself.


0ohhh as a side story, rembered due to the thought of Ripley's - a defunct Pretzel type dark ride ("Mad House" I think) at Long Beach (once home of Harry Traver's Cyclone Racer, and the mouse coaster Leonard Thompson was inspired by to build a third layer onto his BPB mouse) had a real human mummy in it. It was a bank robber who died in the late 1800s, killed by a Sheriff's posse. He toured with travelling carnivals for many decades (in mummified form..!) and ended up in the Ripley's at Long Beach. When that closed, he went into storage locally. Somehow, he ended up in the dark ride, probably during a stunt/theming refurbishment, though nobody knew what he really was. I can't help but laugh in a twisted way when I think of all those riders in the following years, riding through the building, thinking the mummy they saw on a wall was wire and rags. During filming for the film "Six Million Dollar Man" inside the ride (don't ask.. I don't know the film) a crew member accidentally knocked the mummy, and an arm fell off, and there was a real bone inside the arm! - analysis by a pathologist proved the body to be genuine, after which its origins were researched (with which I started the story).


I'm skeptical but open minded about ghostly things, however that's a true story, and that's freaky! :shock:

Edit: Found accurate info on story: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/gruesome/mccurdy.htm - actually, that makes it sound hilarious!

And oh hell, look here: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Death/Elmer.html - infact, Google it yourself!


Oh, I thought I'd show the Firefox theme I installed a couple of hours ago..


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I think I heard once that Houdini: The Great Escape at SFNE is haunted by the ghost of Harry Houdini...


Actually, there is the former Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, MA, which is fairly well known for its seemingly-paranormal phenomena. When I first moved to Fall River, MA (about a ten minute drive from Lincoln Park) from Boston a couple years ago, my wife and I stopped by for some Kodak moments.


Wandering around the old park, I can't really attribute the feelings we felt to any specific haunting activity, but there were some strange sensations, and we got some COOL (but sad) pictures.






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I have seen a lot of interesting stuff at PGA over my time there.


One time while walking back towards the ecology shed (What would be Boomerang Bay) we heard a loud metal cover shut near Rip Roaring Rapids tower 2. We quickly all scattered and went back to investigate. It wasn't a slight, shut it slammed with a lot of force.


I have also encountered numerous different cold spots and have seen a few hazy spots in the showtime theater at PGA. We were in there one night with our camera's and such just trying to find something. We were taking picture after picture. My friend went home and found an interesting picture on his camera. It appeared there was a women standing on teh stage of the showtime wearing a white gown. There were two children sitting next to her on the stage. We thought it was a water bottle, so we went in the next morning and searched all over, not to find any water bottle or anything that resembled what we were looking at.


It's still unexplainable today.



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I know Kings Island has some good stories I will see if I can find them. Also it does not help they have a grave yard out by the parking lot.


You are probably referring to "Tower Johnny". Back in the mid-80's, when the park hosted much rowdier (and more tolerant or drunken behavior) Grad Nights in May, a kid fell to his death on the Eiffel Tower. The story is that he was high or suicidal or something, and back in those days you could actually take the stairs all the way up to the top of the tower. Well, up near the top "Johnny" climbed out into the elevator's path (actually the counter weight) and got whacked in the head, falling and landing on top of the elevator coming up the shaft. The PKI legend is that he still roams the park, particularly out by the graveyard (north parking lot) and in the woods near the Beast.


When I used to work there, stories about TJ would always kick into high gear around Halloween, but I don't think there's ever been an official "sighting" of Johnny! LOL




-being close to some of the park staff from the year it happened,this is what I've gathered: Tower Johnny actually was a park staff member. No one really knows if he was suicidal or not, but stories I've heard from people say he had seen his girlfriend with another guy going around the park. He worked on the eifel tower and was working in the shaft for the elevator. There was alcohol in his system and he was caught in the path of the elevator counterweight, falling several stories and dying. He's said to haunt the tower and also the beast woods, specifically the cables lying in the woods back by the second tunnel. These are the old cables from the elevators that were on the tower back in johnny's day. They're rusting there even now. I've confirmed this with several Beast crewmembers, and I've seen them myself.


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my old lead worked at scream when that worker was hit by a train in the helix. they were safety riding and he rode the train that was right after the one that the girl was hit by.he was the first one to see her corpse.

and when you walk by the helix you see white paint on the floor thats were all the blood was at.





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Ok... Edit.. My friend found the photo..


Now if you blow this up and look closely at the white object, it looks as if it's a water bottle...

A few things:

- The water bottle has curves around the hips area?

- The water bottle would of been gigantic, this photo was taken from teh back of the theater, looking down towards the stage. See the back of the seats in front, and the top of the stage at the top of the photo.

- This photo was taken about an hour of abnormal sounds and cold spots in the theater. Complete darkness. It was lightened in photoshop orgionaly.

- Lastly two her left, those appear to be something else, but they could be children?


I have a few friends who were in the theater about seven years ago and watched two children dancing on the seats playing ring around the rosy. Could these be the children?





Taken in 2004.

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, but something made a giant shiver strike down my spine when watching the Most Haunted Live programme late last year. In the Ghost Train, via help from his "spirit guide" Sam, medium Derek Acorah said Clogger had a horrific argument with a Japanese or Chinese man

David Acorah? What a Joke, that man ALWAYS gets "possesed" by a violent ghost. I always laugh when I see that show, that girl screams and runs away in almost every episode. I can't Stand David Acorah.

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To me it looks like a bottle of Evian and a can of Sprite and Coke.


Oh well.


That is what we thought at first too, but we were the first ones in there the next morning, unless security went it?


I'm not a big believer in ghosts, but who knows what this was. I just know I still get the creeps looking at it.



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