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[RCT2] NAMCO ExpoLand; UPDATE 9: 1983

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UPDATE 1: Year; 1975

Don't mind the large, dated, and creepy clown logo; Expoland is a great amusement park for everyone visiting the North Louisiana-Southern Arkansas Area! Located in Pine Bluffs Arkansas in the plains of Southeastern Arkansas, opened in 1905 then known as, Timberlands Trolley Park at the end of the trolley line of Pine Bluff until 1943, when a man named Walter R. Dupont, bought the then neglected amusement park, and renamed it to ExpoLand USA, to attempt to show a new name for a new age of the amusement park, by now (1975) the park is seen as more of a old timers park, but still fun everyone. Featuring two roller coasters the 1905 Leap the Dips, and the 1931 American Dipper (which can be seen from AR-50 (State highway)), brings in family fun within a small city of Arkansas.


Once inside, we can see the main entrance gate plaza and behind it the 'main street' of the park featuring a gift shop, help center, a emporium, and a penny arcade.


Just another picture of the main street.


Right as you walk into the midway you are greeted by the newer carousel, that was installed about 1965 when the old 1920s model got destroyed by a tree falling onto it by a very bad thunder storm. As well as a vintage tumble bug, the Midway Diner, and a octopus ride.


Just to the right of the main street, is the 1924 Fun House, with its then at the time marvelous and 'modern' entrance, with clown faces on the front facade, welcomes all the kids into the family friendly dark house!


Though, back on the midway the oldest roller coaster in Arkansas and possibly all of the southern United States, is Leap the Dips opening with the park in 1905, it has a similar counterpart somewhere in New England I heard.


At the end of the main midway, is one of those brand new Log Flume rides, the newest ride in the park, and I think the first log flume in Arkansas.


A reminder of the old trolley park days, is the Expoland Gardens, which was originally known as the Trolley Gardens, with the old bandstand in the middle of the entire garden. Most of it was torn down to make way for the midway, but what is left sets as a reminder of what was once a trolley park.


The American Dipper, the 1931 classic that remains the be an iconic staple within the park, continues to provide fun for the thrill seekers within our region!


When Mr. Dupont installed a antique car ride, he donated his own Model T to the facade of the ride, to make it seem more welcoming and reminding of the olden days.


BONUS PICTURE: The park warehouse!



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Update 2: Year 1976: 1975 Advertisement & Construction On Something, New?

Welcome back to Expoland; 1976! Nothing has changed much, but for uh, that huge pile of dirt near the gardens, odd...


Looking closer, there is this sign advertising something new for 1977, it was put up about the last week of the 1975 season to begin some hype. I think with the beginning of the 76' season, it's hype could be played to the advantage of the park's advertising department.


But come to find out, by opening of 1976 Season, this odd structure being constructed, and with it an expanded pathway, looks possibly like a restaurant or something dealing with retail...


I was able to get this picture of the back of the structure, not much done yet, hmmm....



I guess, we'll find out by mid-end of the 1976 season, when the park will most likely release in a press conference the big hype.

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So far, so good! I think that ExpoLand really has the potential to become another top park! In my opinion, the scenery looks great and has a nice "classic RCT2" feel to it, nothing that really takes that many exploits and hacks, but also makes use of a good amount of custom content. The coasters look like absolute classics and I have no doubt that they will probably be thrilling people for years to come! Keep up the great work!

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Update 3: Welcome back to Expoland for 1977!

Main Street hasn't really changed, though I heard the old R.F. Trolley Emporium which was opened when the park was a trolley park in 1905. (Emporium isn't park owned anymore but leased out now to R.F. Trolley CO, which was branched off the Trolley Park in 1921 and opened two more stores in downtown and the suburbs of Pine Bluff) is now running into large debt (they been racking debt to the park since around 1965, but never closed due to the park would 'bail' them out for it being a historical shop) as the gift shop and a use of a full emporium (with that classic Five & Dime format) is not a major important part of this park like it used to, the park may finally terminate their lease in 1978, rumors spread by the owner's of the park, Expoland Entertainment, who themselves are slowly racking up some decent sized debt as well, and with the new roller coaster it has only made the debt even worse.


The park warehouse did get an expansion though for the new flow of parts for the new ride, and more as rides get older.


The park as well leased out a small plot of land to Coca-Cola, who has opened a Coca-Cola stand there.


The Gemini Cafe' is another addition that was opened on side of the new family coaster.


The Gemini Cafe' is of course named after the new family coaster, Gemini! A Schwarzkopf Speed Racer; that only got its name about two months from opening to the public.


We'll see you in 1978!

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UPDATE 4: 1978


Welcome back to Arkansas' premier amusement park, ExpoLand at Pine Bluffs Arkansas!


Main Street has changed, the Emporium has closed as rumored last year and now the Magnolia Bakery, (which is park owned!) as a new eatery for park guests!


Even the Penny Arcade did some facade fixing to match better with the new Bakery, uniform it together to hopefully attract more people to see the beauty of the park's hub


Though, on some deeper news; ExpoLand Entertainment, the park's owner is reportedly filing for bankruptcy with around 9 Million in Debt (This is adjusted to 1978, WHICH EQUALS TO $33 MILLION DOLLARS IN 2016). The Arkansas Gazette reports that the park is reportedly being put up for sale, as well as other assets of the company; as ExpoLand Entertainment also owns a small chain of arcades in Arkansas malls, and in Little Rock, ExpoLand Entertainment Center; featuring Mini Golf, Indoor Children's Roller Coaster, Go-Karting, Rock Climbing, Pizza, and laser tag, is also reportedly being put up on sale. We shall wait and see what will happen...

See you in 1979.....

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I am so, so sorry that I have not actually, answered or responded to the few comments I seen; here are those comments (they are from a few updates back)

So far, so good! I think that ExpoLand really has the potential to become another top park! In my opinion, the scenery looks great and has a nice "classic RCT2" feel to it, nothing that really takes that many exploits and hacks, but also makes use of a good amount of custom content. The coasters look like absolute classics and I have no doubt that they will probably be thrilling people for years to come! Keep up the great work!

Thanks! Funny at it is, I don't use exploits, hacks, or trainers, people says are recommend to make the game, "better" . I only really use custom content; to keep the game as true as I can, but still use some unique custom content!

I agree with fraroc!


must....resist...urge-And also, does your park have Fujin Raijin 2?

Thanks! Well, if we did I must of slept through installing it


UPDATE 5: 1979 "The Most Clique Incident in TPR Parks!"



In October of 1978, about two days of "Off Season" for most amusement parks in the world; including the Pine Bluffs, ExpoLand U.S.A. owned by ExpoLand Entertainment; the company (ExpoLand Ent.) has filed for bankruptcy with around nine million (thirty-three million in 2016), of debt due to the poor management by the CEO Allen Gram, who took the company over in 1967 and has spent his time in the company investing in video arcades in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama malls, the Little Rock ExpoLand Entertainment Center, and then little to no attention to the main property of the company; the amusement park itself. The company, which in 1969 moved their headquarters to Little Rock, is reportedly to have sold the video arcades to a Japanese arcade and gaming company, Taito who owns several other arcades in the U.S., ExpoLand Entertainment Center has reportedly been picked up by a company called, Dixiecade Company, who owns two small family fun centers in Louisiana called Dixie Fun Center, and reportedly constructing one in Texarkana. With the amusement park on February 6th 1979 (About last week) , Six Flags Amusements has bought the park and now publicly states they will be adding an entire new roller coaster within the amusement park, the park for the 1979 season will remain ExpoLand USA, and off season it will be transformed into the new Six Flags ExpoLand for the 1980 season and beyond. This would be their 7th park owned amusement park within their "Family Chain of Amusement Parks"


The new released logo for the park!


With the buyout to Six Flags, rumors spreading already that the Six Flags may or may not tear down the current main street for a brand new, not as confusing layout (as some people complain, somehow?) main entrance for the park.


The dirt and fenced land for the new roller coaster the newspaper article was discussing about.


More rumors saying older rides like Leap the Dips may get heavily refurbished or complete scrap and taken out the park, there are people who say because Leap the Dips is the oldest and first roller coaster in the state of Arkansas, it should be kept for historical reasons; while others say that the park should remove the old, in with the new; for the newest rides for the park.


But, no one truly knows what Six Flags is planning; only Six Flags knows, and Six Flags does not say...




(Please excuse me, I don't know how to add the URL to the post to the Topic Thread Name's description box, please help! )

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I like the park a lot so far, but why the clichéd Six-Flags-file-for-bankruptcy storyline?


In the words of JonTron; "Ah boy, here we go."

Here we go indeed, but I do have a few, twists and turns to attempt to make this variation of such a tired scheme, at least, a bit fresh...


UPDATE 2; YEAR: 1980; Welcome to the new Six Flags ExpoLand!


Welcome back, for the "all new!" Six Flags ExpoLand here in scenic Pine Bluffs Arkansas! The newest in the Six Flags family, and the premier park of the state of Arkansas! With one new flat ride, and one new roller coaster; the new quality things to make this, a focus of the Six Flags family...


The new roller coaster, is known as the Greezed Lightin (very original name Six Flags choose), a Schwarzkopf launch coaster, very similar to the other Greezed Lightins in other Six Flags parks,


But, close up you can see Six Flags did attempt to create a decent 'theme' and design for the coaster, with a metal replica of a 1959 Cadillac at the exit, just as a small touch to the otherwise, boring station. As well as that new entrance sign to make it feel like a entirely separate part of the park, an actual small touch that kind of works well.


The flat ride added, was a Enterprise typed ride named.. Enterprise (again, original name), beautiful color choice, again makes it look so original to the other Enterprise rides installed in other amusement parks...


Six Flags ExpoLand also may or may not be removing the Tumbler, one of the older rides of the park from the Dupont era, in favor of a wheel typed ride, in order to expand the variety of rides within the park, but we will see for 1981 shall we...

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UPDATE 7: 1981





That's right, a lawsuit against Six Flags was filed and won by the city of Pine Bluffs over destruction of ExpoLand's entrance for the new one, and scrapping the original "Tumbler" ride in the main midway. Let's see what Six Flags has caused!


This is the new amusement park entrance for the park, that has caused a lot of controversy of the city and Six Flags.


Behind it, is the other controversial piece; the Ferris Wheel replacing the tumbler ride in the park.


Meanwhile, the city now claims the "Caterpillar" and the park's fun house are historical parts of the city's past with street-cars/trolleys.


Six Flags, losing a lot of money on the lawsuit; if Six Flags walks and focuses on other parks; what will happen? Will the city take care of what Six Flags has left them? Will Six Flags walk and sell to another company? Who knows.

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Great park! Where did you get the Music Express and Tumbler?

I believe from RCT Mart? Can't recall exactly. :/


Update 8: 1982!


Six Flags Finds Park Seller! [Newspaper Clipping from the Pine Bluffs Courier]

Six Flags today, after the major lawsuit last year; finally found a new owner for the property that they, and the city could agree on. They found that the Japanese company known as; "NAMCO", who heavily focus on Amusement machines, and the creators of games such as Pac-Man, is attempting their hand in operating amusement parks, they already own several video arcades across the USA; NAMCO promised to preserve historical areas of the park while remodeling other areas to create a new modern, Expoland. Things planned such as a brand new arcade, the famous Midway Diner to be remodeled, and other areas to be retouched.


This is the logo that NAMCO has released for the amusement park.


NAMCO has put scaffolding and other signage around the park to hint for new things to come to the theme park.


The park entrance has signage over the entrance itself, you can see the signage before even entering the park!


Here is the most likely spot for the new video arcade for the amusement park!


Another rumored area, rumors say that this may or may not be a NAMCO themed area, but no one really knows.


The Midway Diner already is showing it's under remodel,


We will see the effects with our next update in 1983, till then; see you then!

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I see some nice work in the screenshots thus far, but one thing that kind of sticks out as an eye sore for me is the way trees are used, specifically using one tree type to cover an entire section. May I suggest adding some variation in there. Also, I like going by the phrase "God doesn't build in straight lines" so perhaps instead of lining up trees in perfect lines across a long stretch, shuffle things up a bit. I'm a big fan of your backstory/history of the park. Well done.

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Vary the trees and kill that ugly pink path. Otherwise very nice.

The tree issue will soon be addressed by NAMCO; and the pink paths, who knows; maybe something will go down.


Are you hinting at Mr. Driller in the 2000s?

To hint, or not to hint is to be revealed when it comes.


This story is very interesting so far! I wonder what will come next...

Everyone gets ate by a dragon, I'm kidding but you will soon see.


Update 9: 1983!


Welcome back to the, 'new' Expoland! NAMCO's first amusement park, and their first adventure into the business!


New things to discover and lead to, we will dive on in!


One of the first new things as you see walking into the midway, is the brand new roller coaster themed to the video game, Galaxian! The black track scheme is meant to be space, and the red and white coaster cars represent the spaceship featured in the video game. Also in the shot, you can see the park warehouse has expanded; that is to temporarily house the rides that were removed to make way for the roller coaster, next season or so; we should see either a new carousel or the old double-decker carousel re-used from storage.


The next major thing, is the brand new Midway Diner; which has a more, Americana feel to it; complete with one of those nifty oversized signs on the roof!


NAMCO announced as well, a full refurbishment and continuing restoration of the Leap the Dips, and replacing a lot of wood.


Walking by the American Dipper; you can see the new Arcade Cafe and the new NAMCO Arcade, housing the latest video games, and food!


Continuing to walk, you'll find Pac-Man's Great Chase, a very, very, very small kiddie roller coaster that goes around its circular track three times, like one of those fairground coasters; with the cars painted to look like the ghosts chasing Pac-Man!


Rumor also says, NAMCO will in the future create a massive expansion here, so the area to the Greezed Lightin', and the Pac-Man roller coaster, won't look as bare.


We will see you next time for 1984!

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