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I could not help but notice the lack of innovations in the coaster space these days, it seems to be all about taking an existing coaster and making it a little bit faster, higher, or adding new trains i.e. Kingda Ka, Valravn, Rougarou. Apart from the occasional anomaly (Formula Rossa, Gatekeeper, Manta) there has not been much innovation in past years, Parks want to attract new guests, but don't do much to warrant it. That being said, here are my ideas for new coasters:


A flying dive coaster- B&M makes the best flying coasters so this tops out at 300ft

An inverted launch coaster- ???


And if you really want to scare the pants off riders, then make a dive coaster with lap restraints! (It worked for TTD)


What are your thoughts? Am I missing any ideas? Thanks

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