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Roller Coasters that could really use a refurbishment?

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We all love coasters, but some really needs a refurb.


Post a roller coaster you think or want refurbished.


(Thread inspired from Incredible Hulk Coaster)



Honestly, Superman The Ride at SFNE. it's an amazing ride, but it's trains suck. I think if they got brand new trains, and did some track work, it could easily be the best again. It's still my #1, but it could be better.

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At Canada's Wonderland we have 2 large scale PTC woodies, and recently Wild Beast got a small refurbishment, that was the smoothest part of the ride and both of our woodies would be so much more enjoyable if the entire ride was refurbished. I swear the ride after that was much faster and much more forceful.

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Mean Streak needs an RMC Refurbishment.


Never mind, they're already here.


Not a hater!! A believer. I believe that Mean Streak will be much better after RMC gets their hands on it!

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Well, I personally think (obviously) The Boss could use an RMC

It's not likely as Screamscape has recently stated, because the cost would be too much, so GCI might just save the day to keep it classic

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Monstre, Mean Streak, Predator, the two CW woodies, GA Cyclone, Timber Wolf, KD Grizzly.....


I wonder if a park would be interested in hiring RMC to convert older steel coasters. Magnum is fun but there's no questioning its roughness, imagine if RMC was brought in to reimage it with T-Rex track. Of course that's just an outside the box idea but it appears that refurbishments may be a huge part of the coaster industry's immediately future.

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If anything I can see Magnum getting new track from Chance just like what they did with Phantom's Revenge. Fix those man part crushing hills on the return leg of the ride in the process.


Both Hurlers could use a refurbishment. It seems KD's may be the first since it's closed for the season or will it be like SOB and eventually be torn down. Such a prime spot for something else.

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Where are these Magnum people coming from?


If it's too rough for you then tighten the seatbelt and enjoy the ride. I'm sure you'll find Magnum's relentless ejector airtime to be far more fun than complaining.

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