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[RCT2] My Own Leafy Lake!

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Good Afternoon TPR! It is raining cats & dogs here in houston! I just thought I show you an Original RCT1 Scenario while im playing a game called God of War! Leafy Lake!



Leaky Lake opened around in the 1880's as an Forest Trail Park before transforming into a Old Timer Amusement Park in 1900 in New Braunfels Texas which is north of San Antonio Texas!



Leafy Lake is one of the Most Beautiful Parks in America with the best landscape views covered in hill with trees while rides are traveling through them!



Leafy Lake is one of the only few Amusement Parks left in the World with Classic Golden Age Rides! This has mixture inspiration of Lakemont Park, Knoebels, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Luna Park (Melbourne), & Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach!



Creaky Dips built in 1901 as the World's Oldest, & the First Side Friction Coaster! I have used premade coasters to use them to make them into a great theme rides with classical medieval, & landscaping! But don't worry I have made a lot of my own Custom Made Rides which will blast your heart out!



An Old Trolly Tram that goes across the lake back & forth! I had to do this because guests were crowding up, & getting lost! Sorry! Also if you're wondering about the Flags! Guess what? IT'S THE SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS! (U.S.A., Texas, Mexico, Spain, France, & Confederacy!)

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Are flags of that size even physically possible? What happens if the wind stops blowing?


What happens if it starts blowing?


You can always just set up posts and then it'll be more of a banner with supports as opposed to a flag. Or if you don't really care for realism then don't worry about it.

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Thank You! Also it's alright that you were messing with me! It's fine! Well I'll be busy mowing yards for my pushy uncle today! A few screens for today!



An premade Virginia Reel named Crazy Knights built in 1908! Packs a good punch though!



An premade Reverser Wooden Coaster named the Rotovator built in 1935! Fun Ride!



Now here is an Rare Reversed Backwards Wooden Coaster named the Velvet Coaster which was built in 1940! Also built on top of a Hilly Tree Hill from which you can see most of the whole lake area park, & the beautiful surroundings!

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Good Afternoon TPR! Tomorrow I will be going to the Houston Museum for three days to take my sister for her home school testing (and walk around the museum too)! So here are some screens for the day!



An Old Times Square area with some flats rides, & a huge racing coaster that you will encounter!



An old Mobius Loop Scenic Railway Coaster named the Woodworm Racer with it's original pure colors built in 1931 as the World's Only Scenic Mobius Loop Coaster, & the last Mobius Coaster ever built! Also is capable of having lots of Airtime!



The Woodworm Racer theme area when you first walk right through it as it standing taller than you!



Here is the area when you first walk into the second area on a hill with a few remaining old castle fortresses , as it was a part of history when Spain came over Texas, & then France when they were fighting! Well here is an premade Wooden Wild Mouse that I thought about building! It's name is Mouse Towers built in 1925 with Sharp Dips & Curves!



Here are the other premade flat rides being built inside of the old fortresses!

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I've recently started using flags in some of my parks--one of them was a smaller version of the Texan flag--using similar methods, so it's good to see someone else use this technique.


The forest environment looks great, as do the custom rides you've put in it. In future parks, I would like to see fewer premade rides and more custom ones, as every RCT2 player sees the premade ones every time we play, but it is interesting that you've given them a historical context.

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Thanks for saying something good about my flags, but i don't call them great or anything because im just an old school rct2 ncso player! From a hard three days work from yesterday here are eight screens into the wilderness!



An Bike Cycle Rail Flat Ride built onto a small hill in a flat area train land!



Here's the Train Exploring Ride that built around the Bike Cycle Ride!



In this Hilly Tree Area! It is an Alpine Coaster bought from an German Amusement Engineer in 1983! I had no other good names for it, I named it Alpine Mountain Coaster, though there are no Mountains in San Antonio, there are hills which is the Hill Country! Inspired by Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park's Alpine Coaster!



When you first walk into the hill top area of the park! No matter where you walk or stand! You will always see this big classic monster coaster!



Named the Wildcat built by John Miller in 1920! Built on top of a very steep hill which completely makes this monster go down hill, & up hill! I had this in mind by looking at Jack Rabbit from Kennywood which is sort of inspired by this! Though since it's opening, it has been the tallest ride in Leafy Lake, also so capable of airtime!



What ever you can possibly see around the Wildcat covered in trees! There is an Scenic Railway Coaster named the Roller Coaster which was built in 1912 before WWI! This is an great family coaster with pretty good airtime! Inspired by Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway!



An premade steeplechase coaster! It's name is Pony Tails which was built in 1922! Completely surrounded by an Bushy Garden with good airtime!



An Kiddie Wooden Coaster named the Teddy Bear built by unknown in 1922!

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Good Afternoon TPR! I have just got through installing a new washer at my grandmas, now it's raining cats n dogs here in houston! So I have two more areas of the park to show you, & the download will be posted!



This area near the entrance of the park is a hill top area with two coasters built on there from where you see the whole entire lake! This is an premade soapbox racers ride named Production Lines, & I like the way the building looks! My guess it could've been built in 1934!



This second coaster is named the Hilly Bobsled built in 1980! It's not all completely built on land, but it starts from the top of the hill! I made this when I had some Bobsled Terrain ride somewhere in Europe on my mind!



This last smallish area is an forbidden forest with only two rides built from which you can also see the whole lake from here too! The prebuilt ride is an haunted mansion ride that i thought about putting!



This second ride is an Custom Wooden Twister Terrain Coaster completely built onto the hill with trees! The twister name is Whirlwind Coaster built in 1938 by whom!



This incredible thrill ride has been the parks most g forcing ride ever built inside of the invisible hilly forest! Also gives out good scenic views of everywhere!


Leafy Lake.SV6

Here's the download if you're interested!

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