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CLASS OF 2020, freshman advice?

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Essentially, don't be an idiot.


I don't know the quality of high school you're attending, but regardless there will probably be bad influence at some point. Ignore all the stupid crap, be your own person, don't screw up your grades, and people will like you. It's really not a big deal (but I am fortunate enough to attend a high quality HS). Do what makes you happy and ignore all the morons who tell you otherwise.


I'm a Junior, so I'm not exactly a professional, but those are just some things I've learned over 3 years.

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And, not trying to be that negative about this, but IF you get picked on, or bullied in any way,

go to the right people. They are supposed to deal with this, not you. Fighting back doesn't

really help the situation and you may end up in the same boat as your bully.


My 5 cents. And have an Awesome School Year(s)!

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As a graduating senior next month, I've learned the most important rule of school (and life for that matter)


Only do what makes you happy


Never do anything just to "look good on a college application" or just because your friends say it's cool. You have to look into exactly what YOU want to do and what makes YOU happy. Also, don't worry about grades to the point of nausea. Yeah, they're important, but if your stress level/mental health ever is compromised as a result, then it's a problem. Get on the teacher's good side and turn in high quality stuff for the first month or so and then you'll be good the rest of the year if you ever need anything. If you're scared to do something, do it, unless you genuinely think you'll be unhappy as a result. Most of the time you'll learn from it and will end up being a memory you wouldn't have had if you didn't do it in the first place.


The past 4 years have been the shortest but also the longest 4 years of my life. You'll realize a LOT about yourself and the actual "school" part of it is nothing. The stuff you do outside of school is the stuff that's important and that's the stuff you'll remember. Prepare to come out as a different person, because I know I'm nothing like I was at the end of 8th grade. Just make sure you change for the better, and not for the worse.

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I am currently a Freshman, so I have some advice.


First, do what you want to do. You are only in High School once, so don't be afraid to take risks.


Second, be involved. Go to sports games. Go to school plays and musicals. Go to the dances. Join clubs. Join sports. These are all really fun things that have been highlights of my high school career.


Third, make friends. Go out of your way to meet new people.


Fourthly, don't be stupid. Drugs and alcohol consume your life. Don't even think about doing them. Surround yourself with positive role models.


Fifthly, f*** trying to be cool. Ever since I have entered high school, I have not said or done anything solely so that people think I'm cool. Instead, I be myself. As I once said, when it comes to social life in high school, all I want is for people to like me and think of me as a good person. I could care less about popularity.


Finally, and possibly the most important, stay focused. Friends, clubs, and all that are great, but always remember that you're at school to learn. Be focused and manage your time wisely. In other words, don't be like me, cause I just wrote this and I have a Honors Algebra 2 test tomorrow.

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Essentially, don't be an idiot.



I'm not going to lie and say that it's a fun experience. I can tell you now, it sucks, and I'm glad I've been free of it for the past 6 years. But if you don't do anything stupid, you'll make it out fine.

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Just really identify the people who are doing drugs/alcohol and stay away from them. They won't help you in any way and will never be your real friends. Also, don't hang around people who make you the butt of every joke.


Honestly, just use common sense. You know, do your homework, study often, stick around those you feel comfortable with, don't do anything you aren't comfortable with, get to know your teachers, and stay involved.


Most importantly, just be you and have fun! It's high school. True, college has a lot more freedom, but I feel a lot more stress than I did in high school. You're still a kid. Enjoy and embrace it.


Good luck, and stick to it! You'll be out before you know it.

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Don't stress. What happens, happens. I'm 30 years old. Nothing from high school has affected me since I left. No reason to worry about it. The people you care about, you stay in touch with. Once you leave, nothing from the past matters.

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Honestly, don't stress high school. I started college this year, and college contains more stress and importance than high school needs to be. I'd say try your best in subjects but don't over-stress them - you shouldn't need an involuntary all nighter in high school. Lots of people over-stress their classes and take all AP classes just to go to a mediocre college - don't do that. Also join a club or two - high school has LOTS of people and if you want to find friends join clubs YOU want to join that have your interests. Other than that, just relax, take classes you want, join some clubs, and enjoy high school.

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