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Asia Park in DaNang, Vietnam

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It is incredibly telling that this park bought these rides in a fairly solid condition and ended up tearing them out in such a short span of time after their installation... Years after the park actually closed, the Hard Rock Park saga continues to intrigue me for reasons just like this. I have to remind myself how thankful I am that I pushed to visit Freestyle Music Park when I did, knowing I was able to ride these unique coasters (the Premier ferris wheel lift was my favorite coaster in the park) before it all was torn out, relocated and now, torn apart for good.

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^Monstars of Rock deserved to be torn to bits... It’s unfortunate Nights in White Satin had to die for Monstars of Rock to live.


Yep--the best thing about that tour of plywood cutouts was the air conditioning.

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^ This sounds exactly like Alien Encounter at WDW, being replaced with Stitch's Escape.


Too much for some people (and kids), so they took it all out and dumbed it down to the general masses.


But in this case, plywood. Sad.

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