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Retro Photo TR: Paramount Canada's Wonderland 1984-87.

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I was leafing through some old photo albums a while ago and found a bunch of old pictures from PCW, which back then was only CW. Since we're posting retro trip reports, I figured I'd post these. The quality isn't great and the pictures are kind of small, but my scanner sucks at life so it's the best I could do. The pictures are of Hanna-Barbera Land - most of which is gone now, the kids area is now full of Nikelodeon themed rides - but you can see a few coasters in the background.


I was only 7 months old when the 1984 pictures were taken, so I don't make an appearance until later in the TR.


My family ditched me for the day and went to Canada's Wonderland. The swans are pretty much the same, except they're more colourful now.


Snail themeing! I look pissed here because my brother ruined the picture by being in it.


The Smurf ride!


More boats that go around in a circle ride!


These are cars and they go around a track...that's all I got.


The carousel in Hanna-Barbera land has characters like Dino, Yogi Bear, Scooby-doo and some shark to sit on. Apparently I was very excited to ride Dino.


1986, time for my first trip to Wonderland and lots of kids with bowl haircuts! Here's my family infront of Wonder Mountain.


I'm pretty sure these cage/rocketship/lock your kids up for a while so they can stop bugging you things are still there.


My cousins on the airplanes, which are still there. If you look hard enough, you can see a tiny bit of Ghostercoaster in the background.


Boulder Bash!..or something like that. This was my favorite ride when I was little, I was sad to see it go.


The boats that go in a circle ride. More of Wild Beast in the background.


My mom and my brother on the choo-choos. You can see part of Wild Beast in the background.


Most of the rides in Hannah Barbara Land were Flintstoned themed, like these eggs that go up and down. My brother doesn't look too happy about being in a dino egg.

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A few more pictures, these ones are from 1987.


There's Thunder run in the background. The Fly is now where part of the Antique car track used to be.


Since there weren't really any coasters in this TR, here's me riding the Tivoli coaster at Marineland a few years later.


Scooby doo, my brother, some random kids, and Wild Beast in the background.


Another shot of the cars.

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Wow smurfs, Jabber Jaw (shark on carousel) and Flinstone bumper cars. Great 80's trip report. I wish I had pictures of the dark ride at Clementon park in the 70/80's since nobody I know seems to remember it, and the only thing people do remember is rotting away.

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I think I underestimate sometimes how much PCW has been devloped over the years.


Some of those pictures look like park icons in a grassy field. Just looks like nothing around. No buidings, no rides, little to know landscaping.

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Wish I could've ridden Smurf Mountain, it sounds awesome


PCW really has developed a lot over the years. I didn't realize it either until I looked at these pictures. It's too bad they don't really have much more room to expand since it's surrounded by houses and such on all sides now. :?

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