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[PLC]Treasures of VolcanoMountain -A family Darkride-Coaster

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I just worked two days on a darkride with the working title "Return to the Mystery Cave".


Now the foundation is layed, all darkride-scenes are set up and i want to show you some pics before i am going to put the whole thing into a mountain. I tried to get a bit away from the pirate theme and wanted it to look more like a jungle/mayan-theme. But cause of the limited props i had to use what is there at the moment.


The pics were showing the actual state:

- track is layed completly.

- darkride scenes are nearly final, just some minor glitches.

- surrounding theming is nearly completed


what is left to do:

- finish theming

- fixing some onride headbangers

- enclose the ride (build a full mountain/mine out of rocks)

- adding more/other rides


So here my pics of the project:


It all starts here... Entrance and station, still missing a lit bit on extra detail


I tried to cover up the whole entrance in a fitting way


I wanted the queue to look like a real one.


Station... this i were the ride starts. It has a nice little drop with a little headchopper effect


Pre-Lift section with some theming


A look back from the first block-section in front of the lift.


A bit theming and with a small passthrough behind the station


This is the lifthill... it will be fully covered up in a mountain/mine-like thingy. It will have some nice lights on the side and a big bell at the end which got some red lights to get a bit more atmosphere in there.


At the top of the lift will be the first animatronic scene... this is were mine stuff is happening and barrels are rolling


The secound scene is the musicians scene... maybe this is how they stayed in a good mood during the difficult treasure search


Tried to get some extra lightning in there and a few extra details in form of props


After this scene you drop into a cave with a nice headchopper effects in from of hanging plants (forget to bring it into the photo) and start to climb the second little lifthill


Shortly after the short outdoor part/curve, you are driving through this tunnel to a destroyed ship-wreck... this is tease what is comming


Closer look on wreck with some creepy lightning


Time for the big scene... first what you will see when you enter the big cave is a scene with tentacles fighting a boat. It will have some water effects and canons shooting.


to whole part of the scene from a top view. Had a hard time to cover up the border of the fountain to let it look like water... but found this solution working quite nice ;)


Another POV


Then your travel continous directly in the front of a big monster living in that cave... guarding the treasures hidden in the mountain.


Added some lightning here to, to get a better effect.


Just looking grandios... (like how the lights look in this game, really awesome)


At the end of the scene, some tentacles nearly miss your vehicle.


After these frightening scenes you end up in the family friendly coaster outdoor part.


You travel through the jungle around an old mayan temple which seems to leay next to the mine.


Some random jungle theming from this part.


And another view.


Did i mention that you can buy great mayan food in the temple?


Shop on Top... there is no better place to eat than next to some track where a coaster train passes.


Time for the third last short lifthill with a nice drop into the treasure cave entrance.


It passes under the first lifthill and will get a littlebit of outdoor view in the future, while the rest will be mostly covered with rocks when finished


And the final part. You will end up in a treasure cave, with all the glamour you ever looking for. Still some amount of theming missing here... but think it will look fine when its en-caved :D


The final helix end directly into the brake-run into the station... Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.


Finishing some nice aerial pics to get a be knowledge of the whole ride.


So PlanetCoaster Alpha is really, really great, alot of fun allready and has a lot of potential....


....can´t wait to get more stuff. And graphics in the night with lights are superb ;) What a wonderful piece of software

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This is an incredibly awesome creation, I really like your planning and pacing in making this. Same goes for the terrific (and informative) preview.


Have you enclosed it yet? A video would be wonderful to see..

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This is an incredibly awesome creation, I really like your planning and pacing in making this. Same goes for the terrific (and informative) preview.


Have you enclosed it yet? A video would be wonderful to see..


Thanks. Yeah i got it enclosed allready... was a lot of rock work. But it still need some details on it. And i ran into the problem that the supports run trough everything. So it wasn`t possible to build rides on top of it.


Still some work needs to be done on some details, but when it is ready, i will upload a video maybe this weekend. But till then i can add some project photos from working on it some times last week. But it still missing details on the mountain and maybe some rides around the mountain...


so here are some more pics:


A little bit of details added: in this one i added a smoke effect in the curve before the treasure cave. But cause you don`t can´t controll speed in a good amount of the alpha you are racing a bit fast in this part. So it will be hardly to realize that it is there.


In this pic i started adding rocks for closing the main-lifthill. It really looks great during night time.


Another small detail added in that pic. I decided that the area in the lower left corner of the image was a bit empty. So i added this small red mini-vulcano thingy to that sceneand it has a bit of smoke effect, too.


Another detail that will be hidden and which is just barely visible during the ride... cause you are a bit fast at that part. What can´t be seen in this pic is that i moved it back a bit some time later, because it was to close for a headchopper. Two lights giving it the right ambient look.


So here the rock-work is one quarter done. Still a lot work to do.


The next day i nearly finished to completly enclose the ride, but still some wholes in there.


But it is starting to look really nice... even on daylight!


This is the next screenshot i`ve done... it some time after completing it. And started to build a vulcano on top if it. This is why it maybe get a name change for final ride on the weekend.


Will end this short update with this detail of the vulcano... hope you had some fun.

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Many thanks for the update, it is looking great! Really love the volcano idea, that was a very clever use of the red spotlights and rocks.


I think that after all that rock addition...you are wishing for the terrain tool to come. Enclosing something like this would be very easy with it, since it is supposed to automatically keep the space needed for the coaster/paths etc. You would also be able to put a ride on top.

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So here is the onride video... my pc is not the fastest one, it sometimes has some frame drops. But i have to mention that even with that old pc i have PLC runs wonderful on my old desktop thingy. So have fun watching, not everything is perfect, but it is some fun to ride i think



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