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Yomiuriland to Open New Themed Land Next Week.

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At a time when so many Japanese parks are closing, it's nice to see Yomiuriland expanding!


New coaster for 2021!


They're adding another 'pavilion' to their newest area. It's a jobs/factory area previously home to the amazing Fashion themed spinning coaster and ramen themed rapids ride. Excited to see what this actually ends up being!



Artist Concept


Name: SPACE factory

Location: 4015-1 Yanoguchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo

Partner companies: Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Open date : Spring 2021 (planned)

Area: About 4,000㎡

Total construction cost: About 5 billion yen


* Details of each attraction will be announced as soon as they are decided.


Lipovitan D continues to snuggle up to those who challenge their dreams. A project to support people working hard for space development, including the asteroid explorer Hayabusa2.


The opening of "SPACE factory" is part of the project.


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^ & ^^ Yep, that was what I instantly saw since I see so many similar bottles here in Korea. It's that or a bottle from the 'hangover cure' market that's been getting more and more popular in Asia. Used to be a bunch of 'healthy drink' bottles thats expanded to food, tablets and now they've been advertising in English lately.





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I find it interesting and fascinating that this park is using the box-like show buildings to contain totally different attractions with facades to match. And side by side without looking tired or bland. Awesome!


It actually reminds me of how our World's Fair in 1986 was done, with similar box-like structures for all countries participating, (this was a World's Fair that didn't require all countries and businesses to create their own pavilions from scratch) and it really made for some interesting facades etc. And it all worked together, too!


Highlight of EXPO 86's Japan Pavilion: A MAGLEV train ride!

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The footers for this were going in when I was there in December.

You could tell it was going to be a coaster, but it looked so rectangular, I thought it might have been a Eurofighter or something.


Good job, a family invert looks great!


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Yomiuriland is really trying hard to stay relevant during the pandemic.  They're offering a work from the park plan! I really like this idea!




Theme park adapts to the new normal with special remote work plans for visitors.

Ever since the pandemic turned everyone’s everyday lives upside down, businesses have been looking for ways to stay afloat while workers have been looking for quiet places to telecommute outside the office.

This perfect storm has led to karaoke joints, coffeehouse chains and restaurants readjusting their services to cater to the needs of the teleworker. Now, another unique location has opened up for those who want to work from home away from home: Tokyo’s Yomiuriland amusement park.

Yomiuriland’s new telecommuting campaign, called “Amusement Work“, lets people work from a couple of different sites around the theme park. The first site that’s opened up is a poolside location, which comes complete with tables and deck chairs. Yomiuriland will be providing power and Wi-Fi throughout the area so telecommuters can use their laptops and devices to work with a view that creates the feeling of being at a tropical resort.

Those who really want to reap the benefits of being at an amusement park will enjoy working from the Ferris wheel, which allows you to rent a private gondola for an hour, with pocket Wi-Fi provided. One hour on the ride gets you four laps of the wheel, so you’ll have plenty of chances to look out and enjoy the view from the top.

Reservations for Amusement Work are limited and can be made online at the official Yomiuriland website. Tickets cost 1,900 yen (US$18) per person on weekdays and 2,000 yen on other days, and include: admission to the park, use of the poolside area (with one table, two chairs and two deckchairs), power, Wi-Fi, a one-hour ride on the Ferris wheel, free parking, and a free towel ticket to use at the “Oka no Yu” public bath, located just outside the park.

Up to two people can share the poolside area and gondolas at the same time, with the price of a shared ticket costing 1,800 yen per person on weekdays, weekends and holidays, and the park will be accepting telecommuters from 15 October. Yomiuriland suggests bringing friends and family along for the day so you can get some work done before meeting them afterwards to enjoy the rest of the attractions.

Whether you head out to the park for work or for play, or both, one thing’s for sure — attending a Zoom meeting from the comfort of a Ferris Wheel will make for a very memorable meeting.

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1 hour ago, BigJoe123 said:

Space Factory construction update

Looks like the track will be finished soon
Speculation of the manufacturer is Gerstlauer because of the shaping of the supports

Wait a minute, a Gerstlauer inverted?  That'd be a first.  I'd guess Intamin or Mack before Gerstlauer, but I'm also dumb.

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Love the idea of working from the Ferris Wheel. It’s a pretty clever idea, certainly gimmicky but yeah. I’m pretty sure this park will be on the list of parks to visit when I return to Japan. Don’t plan to go to too many parks. Maybe one or two outside Tokyo Disney.

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