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Yomiuriland to Open New Themed Land Next Week.

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Yomiuriland in Japan are opening a whole new area of the park next Friday. The area is split into different factories including the Car Factory, Food Factory, Fashion Factory and Bungu Factory (whatever that is)


The Fashion Factory includes an indoor spinning coaster called Spin Runway while the Food Factory has an indoor/outdoor rapids ride.


The spinning coaster is themed fairly heavily and looks particularly weird with a spiral lift hill and some decent theming.


The rapids ride is in the food factory section and is called Nissin Yakisoba UFO. The themeing for this ride seems to be that you are a pot of noodles. Which sums up Japan quite brilliantly.


Lots more info here (in Japanese)



A few pics I've dug up of the spinner (no idea who built this?)











and the rapids ride









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In other news Twist Coaster Robin is coming down.

The ill fated Sansei/S&S El Loco coaster suffered an accident on almost if not on the first day it opened and never reopened. The park re-profiled some sections last year but seems to have now given up completely.



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The indoor rides look great! I wonder what the other ones (Car Factory, 'Bungu' Factory) are going to look/be like.


(Later on...) Found them! And on the main page, the artwork of all the buildings appear to be side by side.

Which I thought was interesting, too.




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I just noticed, the designs and paint job on the spinner cars, looks very....fashionable.


Like spinning in a quilt, or something like that, heh.


Now, a definite reason(s) to re-visit Yomiuriland.

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I think I'd rather have these amazing new rides than the Twist Coaster Robin anyways!


Agreed, there was something kinda sketchy looking about Robin!


Also, I can't get over that you are a bowl of ramen floating around a factory! I love the kettle pouring water on you! I need to get to Japan ASAP

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OMG! Listen to the translation of the spinning coaster!!!


Indoor coaster for the first time adopted a helical spiral lift in Japan! The first half reproduce the clothes of the manufacturing process of course. Then you can enjoy the game to complete the coordination of clothes by pressing the button that has been mounted on a vehicle. And finally wrapped in production of sound and light, and then sprinting the course with a sense as if it appeared in like fashion show!



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I guess Yomiuriland are done with experimental unproven rides for a bit

All of this looks great.


the Car Factory has this kind of Kidzania looking Auto repair thing




They also have this Autotopia type ride




The oddly named Bungu Factory has this amazing Ball coaster rail thing



I have no idea how it works but the balls run down those crazy rails somehow.


I'd say the park has hit a home run here. All of these attractions look great.

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I was there yesterday, All of Twist coaster is now gone, just the footers remain. They were testing that weird autopia ride and it looks great. The new area of the park looked to be really nice and clean. Sad that all the new rides seem to be opening NEXT weekend

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This is bittersweet. I love the random new rides for Yomiuriland, but I am also sad because of Twist Coaster Robin just because I thought it looked really cool and wonky, and I am a sucker for odd-looking wonky coasters.

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Uniquely themed... Distinctly Japanese. Yomiuriland continues to come up with some of the wackiest ideas in the amusement industry, even after all these years. I remember seeing the strange elements of this park during the Coaster Expedition segments, so it is great to see this park continue with their wacky ideas.

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I definitely need to get to Japan and to this park...I would fit right in with all of their wonky & bizarre ideas.


I just watched Bourdain do a special on Japan and I kept saying to Michael; " We HAVE to go to Japan to visit some of their theme parks, try the awesome food and just soak in all of the somewhat bizarre and very cool culture that they offer!"


In the meantime, I will just keep looking for all of the Japanese trip reports on here...Japan and the China trip reports are my absolute favorite!

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Wow, this looks like a high quality addition for Yomiuriland, and it adds a lot of new things to do. Yomiuriland was at best a "half-day" park, especially after they lost two coasters (though to be sure, they were pretty terrible coasters) and Twist Coaster Robin, so this definitely helps make the park stand out. This also seemed like a park in need of more indoor attractions (all my visits were either crazy hot or freezing), so that's a big plus. The spinning coaster looks really cool and the instant noodles rapids ride looks to be surprisingly well done.


To answer an earlier question, it looks like the Bungu Factory is themed to a stationary and school supplies factory, with three kids rides and some kind of giant Rube-Goldberg machine play area thing (the "ball coaster").

In BUNGU factory, in the plant, which was designed on the theme of long products "campus note" of Kokuyo, two types of attraction appeared. You can find a note making while moving the body. Further attraction of Japan's first ball coaster type attraction "Chie Kurabe" Tama Goro "" 4 models in the motif stationery, such as will appear in the outdoors. Such as making the original campus notes in the workshop only one in the world, manufacturing can enjoy surrounding stationery.

Also, I really like that each section has some kind of relevant hands-on activity. For example, the Food Factory will have a "make your own instant noodle bowl" thing.

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