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[Minecraft] Astroworld recreation

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it's been so long since I was there. . but I recall the Batcave being the exit, and you entered the ride via the "Gotham Park" area


but honestly, that coaster was so painful, I rarely rode it. . any other ride in the park? could describe with my eyes closed - I practically grew up in the park. But not a lot of help with this one.


here's a shot from Wiki:



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^ Thanks anyway! Also that picture of Batman the Escape will definitely help me with the details!


As for official project updates: I made serious progress on the pixel map!




And not only that, I officially started on the park itself!!


What better ride to kick off the project with than Greezed Lightnin'?






You can see how my coaster skills have improved between 2016 and now.



Made in 2016. I hate it.


Stay tuned for more soon!

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Its been a few days since the last update.


I finished outlining WaterWorld and everything else outside the railroad tracks on the pixel map!



I'm getting closer to a complete outline!


In other news, I have found a site that not only has great photos of the main street area, which is great for references, but also has all the background music played at the park. This will probably be pretty nostalgic for those who visited this park often.

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Interesting facts I learned about Astroworld part 2:

AstroWorld had a kiddie whip ride




Digging through old photos of Looney Tunes town, I came across one of a kiddie whip ride. I knew AstroWorld had a collection of unique rides, but I was not expecting a Six Flags park to have something like this.


I do not know the name of this ride, or where its exactly located, but if anyone just happens to remember this ride, could you please share a little more information about it?

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