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Game: Make It Worse!!

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To make it worse, you accidentally wander into a restricted area


Gravity suddenly disappears on Earth!


To make it worse, you get launched up into the earth's atmosphere with the force of a Storm Chaser airtime hill, and burn to death!


You go to Kentucky Kingdom, excited to ride Storm Chaser and Lightning Run, but everything is closed except T3!

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To make it worse, they close them all so they don't compete with their current parks, and move all the coasters to the favored Cedar Point and former Paramount parks!


Cedar Fair starts having assigned seating on all coasters, in all their parks.

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To make it worse, they decide to sell the coaster to a Chinese park who takes the trims off, all the while SF replaces it with a Free Spin.


Sandusky decides the coasters at Cedar Point are too high and obtrusive, and force CP to get under a 275 foot height limit.

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