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Favorite attraction never made?

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^ re: Coaster in Vancouver... nothing like feeling you are REALLY being pulled out of your seat, LOL!


The drop parallel with the lift (halfway through the ride) has some of the most insane ejector in the back row. It's rare nowadays that I grasp for the lapbar out of surprise -- I can't wait to get back on that thing!

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^ That's the great thing about Coaster. You ride along at the beginning, all around the perimeter,

with nothing much to really take you off guard. Then, there's that straight-a-way into...


I love it. (And my fave bronco-riding spot, is Row 3, solo. My Rodeo Spot.)



Pardon the "side chat" on this.

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^ Yes, it was. But also closer to the main "river" for some fantasy stuff there, too.


I still think it could exist, alongside Pandora, as Pandora doesn't represent all fantasy creatures.

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Disagree. Epcot would have been a totalitarian state with the behaviour of its citizens highly controlled by the Walt Disney Company, and ultimately by Disney himself. I think Orwell would have had some sharp words for Mr. Disney's plan had he lived to see them.


I say that as a fan of Disney and proud to say he's a native son of my state. But that idea would have been a disaster, and we all should be glad it never became reality.

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One of my favorite concepts that never happened was the "Enchanted Forest" expansion of Epcot's UK Pavilion that would have incorporated Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Robin Hood.




Also on my list of favorites that I can only hope may one day happen is the concept of an indoor coaster at Silver Dollar City themed to an ice factory:



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