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Great Places with Rides, But No Roller Coasters

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Oh, RB. It doesn't show it in the video, but there is a section where the boat does a series of "jumps" and throws you out of your seat. So technically speaking, it is ejector airtime.


I'm pretty sure you've you gotten some ejector "Airtime" during your college snowboarding lessons too, huh buddy?

Well yea... When you hit a kicker at 40+ MPH and actually fly through the air 60-80 feet, yea, I'd say that qualifies as "ejector air". I mean you actually defy gravity and fly through the air. Don't think riding a boat on flat water and coming off your seat an inch is comparable.

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"Ejector" or not, it's still a pretty damn fun ride.


If anyone happens to be in Navy Pier in Chicago, I recommend checking it. I personally enjoyed it more than the Regular Seadog and it gives beautiful views of Lake Michigan. Riding it in the rain just adds to the thrill. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open

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about navy pier and the boats i wanted to go on that when my friend from overseas came to visit me. We went to Navy Pier and i asked her if she wanted to go on a boat ride of some sort but she didnt seem very interested.....she was kind of one of those "meh..." people who isnt really that interested in doing many things which is sad...we were gonna try for Great America too but she doesnt like coasters that go too high fast or upside down....instead she wanted to go on the Whizzer and East River Crawler....really?? Not going to Great America to go on super tame rides sorry. but yea for Navy Pier we just end up walking around and shopping. She didnt even want to go the Ferris Wheel!!! it was "to scary". but yea maybe next summer ill try for the speed boat ride. I always wanted to go on one of those. The ones on at Niagara Falls looks cool too.

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