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New Revolution*UPDATE!!! 3/25/16*-Six Flags Magic Mountain!

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Okay, Media Day for The New Revolution with the VR goggle systerm...AMAZING! Not so much that the video itself was amazing, it's very video game-ish, but the ride experience itself was amazing! The goggles completely cover your line of vision, so despite the lack of movie level CGI, it is very immersive. Once the goggles are active you can see a 360 degree view of your new surroundings and get adjusted to the VR, as the ride starts you are able to shoot at targets, very cool. What made the first ride so intense is that you forget the coaster layout while experiencing your new environment, and are taken completely by surprise when the drops, banks, and loops hit. The obvious question people have is why use a VR system on a coaster? It's easy to see after even one ride that the system is unlike any simulator, the drops and motion are real, the wind is in your face, the experience is not dependent on you looking straight ahead at a screen, you feel part of reality that is being pumped into the VR systerm. The designer was very excited about the future possibilities for this system, any endless number of scenarios could be piped into the goggles to keep it fresh. So, before you say you don't like it, give it a try and I'm sure you'll see it's a great system that could pump new life into old coasters.


As for the New Revolution itself, the new trains are awesome, so smooth you could hardly hear them coming. There was some questions about the comfort of the seats, but I have to say they were some of the most comfortable seats I've experienced. Lap bars are hardly noticeable, as are the seat belts. Riding without head knockers is great, along with the seat design it's a very open feel. The one thing that I hope improves is the train speed, it was very sluggish and somewhat slow, I'm hoping it will improve after the break in period. The slow speed actually wasn't as noticeable when you were using the VR system, which actually made it seem faster. The ride itself is much smoother, not as jerky, very happy with the new trains.


Okay, here are a few, and I mean a few...basically on media days they have so much video taping and reporting going on the trains don't launch very often and there's just a clutter of people and equipment everywhere, not very photogenic. So, just a few shots...





There's virtual reality and then there's Cliff's reality.


So early that the signs were lit in the dark of morning.



The VR goggles in question.


This little room is where all the charging takes place.




You'll see people having these little freak out sessions when they put the goggles on. Just looking all over at stuff that's not there, that only you can see.


Train good!


The New Revolution tramp stamp!


Lots of media here to check out the ride.






Here it comes...


There it goes...


This is your gunner, or as we call him..."The Riveter".


"I like this reality better, I have no car payment when I wear these goggles."


I'm here to kill aliens and ride roller coasters...and get some orange chicken at Chop Six.


See! They are cleaned, and obsessively cleaned, not to mention antimicrobial material!


"Don't worry ma'am, I've dealt with these aliens before. The planet is safe, as long as I have these goggles!"


Oh no, Kentucky Fried Panda is gone! Chop Six is soooo good!


The ride is still in testing and open to pass holders only, go online to the SFMM website and sign up for a time to ride! Leave a comment!

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^ I am pretty sure that with most, if not all, of the coasters offering this new thing, you do still have the option not to wear the goggles.


Good. Hope it remains an option. They day they stop showing movies in 2D at the cinema is the day I stop going.


I still think they should've left Rev alone and done the VR on worthless plain jane boring unthemed Scream! Rev tearing through the trees, especially at night, is one of the best coasters ever made.

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Just returned from a partial day with my daughter at the Mountain...we had a 1PM reservation for The New Revolution. Here's how we had a fantastic partial day on a very busy day at the park.


We arrived at the parking gate at 10:06, were through the gate in 2 minutes (lightning fast scan of card); 10 minutes to reach the front of the second parking section, ran to the waiting bus, off to the front gate. Lots of people at Discover Card early entry, but a supervisor opened the far left gate and invited those with already existing passes in, we were in at 10:28. Ran to Full Throttle, on in 8 minutes (two train ops), awesome as always! Got the diet caffeine free refills in the Freestyle machine (love that), off to Twisted Colossus, no grouper, on in 5 minutes (three trains, no dueling I'm guessing to max capacity, still a great ride!)


Park's getting busy, so decided to take it easy. Walked to Chop Six for the dining pass meals, got there before the 11:30 validity of the pass, hung out a few minutes, ordered and got the food. Quality is good, noodles and rice about the same as Panda Express, portion of the two items (broccoli beef/orange chicken and spicy chicken (mostly veggies)/orange chicken) together about the same as a one item serving at Panda. Still, for dining plan, no complaints.


After lunch walked up the stairs to Ninja, about 25 minute wait for front row, always fun. The vegetation is growing back. Superman line long so rode the Helpful Orient Express down (nice repaint of stations and outside of car, didn't do the floors though) and got to TNR a bit early. Entered just after 1, beautiful landscaping, up to the ride area after about 10 minute wait.


You CAN choose to ride without the goggles, those folks rode in the front and back rows. Goggle cleaning being done right in front of line arriving at station (to demonstrate process, I suppose). Very helpful person to adjust goggles (trickier with a large head ) Proximity sensor on inside turns the screen on if on face or head, single dial on top for general focus, slight blurring at extremes with calibration text for my wider than average eye spacing (but not noticeable in animation). Volume control on right of headset, tap location on right to shoot (during lift only) at targets. One train today, when train dispatched animation plays on headsets in station (!) After a while announcement for folks to take the headsets off while in line to avoid overheating. When boarding ride QR-type code synchronizes and you're in the launch bay, where you can shoot harmlessly at your friendlies. At dispatch VR is in perfect sync with ride motions, and it IS fun! Trains are great, and the loop surprised my daughter...she hasn't ridden it in years since a headbanging festival long ago--my body remembered the long slow descent to the loop from my childhood rides 40 years ago! I had vowed to never reride until the OTSRs were gone.


This was that day, and I'd like to thank everyone who helped make it happen! THREE coasters with inversions with lap bars! It almost brought tears to my eyes...and more and more of the park looks better with each visit. So pick a slow day for your preview and enjoy SFMM!

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It'll be nice just to ride Revolution without getting my brains bashed in, as it was back when I was in high school--when it was still a great coaster.


a bit off topic, but i just noticed that Rollercoaster is actually coming out in HD soon.




Too bad, it won't be coming with...




With the new VR helmet, I guess Revolution itself is now in "Sensurround." Gee, lap bars and "Sensurround"--the 1970s are back!

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Kind of funny that the menu boards are still hanging by zipties....


Looks like wiring is in too, but it's Six Flags so...


I don't care about the VR but I'm so thrilled they finally added new trains with lap bars to Revolution. Great job Six Flags!


The trains are awesome! I can only imagine how much better they'd be without trims.

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You CAN choose to ride without the goggles, those folks rode in the front and back rows.


Any word on if that is how operations will run once it is "officially" open? I really like the idea of the no goggles folks being front and back. Seems to make sense to me.

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my body remembered the long slow descent to the loop from my childhood rides 40 years ago! I had vowed to never reride until the OTSRs were gone.


This was that day, and I'd like to thank everyone who helped make it happen! THREE coasters with inversions with lap bars! It almost brought tears to my eyes...and more and more of the park looks better with each visit. So pick a slow day for your preview and enjoy SFMM!


this is so awesome .... fires me up

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Great update and comments.


I'm excited... I'm just trying to kill time (I'm soooooo bored right now!!!!) so I can head to the park tomorrow to check it out. I'm doing the 11AM preview (anyone else?) so I just want to get in and ride a few things before checking it out...its been quite a few months since I've been able to ride full throttle because it seems like when I'm there it's closed or down or just not something I chose to wait on, but after seeing the lengthy update on the enjoyable day at the crowded park I hope to get a ride on YOLO.


I love (the new) revolution and I'm happy we have some hours where we can enjoy night rides at the park. Revolution was always a favorite and I still haven't done TC but look forward to being able to do both soon again at night. It's crazy thinking about both iconic coasters transformed, the shape they were in and what we have now, and I'm thankful. So yeah, can't wait.


Only thing is I can't stand the fencing and green tarp or whatever around the final helix.. blah


The theming looks nice, just wish that could spread to the whole park..

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The station has kicker tires in the back half, and a flat chain in the front half, though I couldn't see if the chain was moving. Does anyone know why this is-is this short chain mechanically synchronized with the lift hill chain? Only a standard chain on the lift hill, as far as I could see.

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The video is completely out of sync. At first I was worried that the VR isn't synced properly with the ride but then he said "We just went through a building!" and only after that did they go through a building.

That video just isn't edited correctly, which is a shame since it does the ride a disservice.

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The rider video was provided by Six Flags, I'm not sure how they synced it , but it was done very quickly. Still, it turned out better than some others and we only got one shot at it, so it is what it is. Sucks, because it synced so well.during the ride.

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I've heard that the goggles don't calibrate in the front row, not sure about the rear. But, the goggles are always optional.


That would make sense, since there is nowhere on the front for the QR code.

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