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Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

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Twisted Colossus (5/18/2015) - Click Here

Iron Rattler (7/31/2015) - Click Here

New Texas Giant (8/1/2015) - Click Here

Outlaw Run (8/2/2015) - Click Here

Goliath (10/10/2015) - Click Here

Medusa Steel Coaster (3/12/2016) - Click Here

Storm Chaser (6/26/2016) - Click Here

Wicked Cyclone (7/1/2016) - Click Here

Joker (12/17/2016) - Click Here

Lightning Rod (4/22/2017) - Click Here

RailBlazer (6/9/2018) - Click Here

Wildfire (6/25/2018) - Click Here

Twisted Timbers (9/1/2018) - Click Here

Steel Vengeance (9/2/2018) - Click Here

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster (4/26/2019) - Click Here

Hakugei (8/11/2019) - Click Here


At the beginning of 2015, I had (unfortunately) not ridden any RMC's - Although I have been quite intrigued by this new up-and-comer since watching construction for New Texas Giant in 2010! After seeing glowing reviews, I could only imagine the potential we could see for the future of roller coasters. Taking old, once-were-amazing, wooden giants and reclaiming the greatness they once had? I'm all for it!


Well for some reason my stars hadn't aligned until 2015, and when rumblings of my home park (SFMM) converting Colossus emerged, I knew my time was coming! Luckily I was chosen to attend the filming shoot for Twisted Colossus in May - a week before opening to the public! And it was even better than I could have imagined. The glorious airtime... I counted 21 spots on one of my 8 rides that day! And the dueling made it even better - It's easily the best coaster in California! A new top-10 steel coaster was born.


After that, I knew I had to ride more, so this is where my Trip Report will start. In August, my coaster friends and I decided we needed to go to Texas, even if just for a few days, because we knew it would be worth it to finally get on New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler.


...But First! A quick stop at Six Flags Magic Mountain because our flight didn't leave until 6:00pm.


Why not start our trip off with a little refresher ride on our only RMC so far? [RMC #1]


And a quick ride on Batman before we head to the airport - It's still one of the best coasters at SFMM


Decent signage Magic Mountain! Props to you!


Here's the gang - PSA: the back of the train is insane!


They also had this thing... Better than Green Lantern, but still not really for me. I found it very uncomfortable, oh well!


This also blew me away - Krypton Coaster is definitely my favorite floorless now, edging out Kraken


Here's our Batman clone #2 of the trip - This one is mirrored and has a terrible name!


The next morning we woke up in San Antonio - We made our way to SFFT for Iron Rattler [RMC #2]


That drop is... Holy hell... And the drop off the quarry wall at the end?.. Unbelievable. Another top-10 coaster! After 9 rides, I actually preferred this to Twisted Colossus!


I love the interaction with the quarry wall! Just a great layout - Not your cookie-cutter B&M floorless!


Seriously, this coaster is a piece of art, my only complaint is the slightly slow section with the outward bank on top of the quarry. I also wish it was a tad longer, but I was very happy!


We had just gotten every credit when we had our only rain of the whole trip. It only lasted 45 mins, but it was torrential!


Coming up next: Day 2 at SeaWorld and SFOT!


These are also the comfiest trains on an RMC, the coaster is glass smooth!


Here's a fun crappy picture of my friends and I riding Twisted Colossus at the film shoot (Front two rows on the blue train!)

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Day 2 started at SeaWorld San Antonio, which was my final SeaWorld/Busch park that I had left to visit. Although it didn't have too many rides, I found the park to be really pretty and I had a very pleasant morning at the park. We then made the 4-hour drive to SFOT to get some RMC rides, cause that's what our trip is all about!


After the past few years of RMC rapidly developing, I thought that perhaps New Texas Giant would be overshadowed in 2015. I was wrong! I found New Texas Giant to be amazing - a plethora of airtime, and a nice long ride time. This coaster seriously competes with some of the great Intamins of the 2000's. The first double-up is insane in the front, the small hill after the 3rd overbank is also ridiculous. Due to the ride's length, and non-stop airtime, NTG skyrocketed right to my favorite steel RMC, over Iron Rattler and Twisted Colossus.


Side note - I forgot to take a picture of the 4th Batman clone of my trip (SFOT)


Great looking entrance, the use of glass is amazing!


Although I haven't ridden a ton of Schwarzkopf coasters, Shock Wave is definitely my favorite!


Taken from the Justice League entrance, a very fun dark ride! I hope to see more of these pop up, they're really great.


This thing was terrifying. The views were spectacular, but when the wind got going... Woah.


Night rides = AMAZING


The original RMC drop, it's incredible in the back. But the front has the double-up!


I got about 10 rides in NTG over the trip. So far, we were having a blast!


Coming up next: Day 3 at Silver Dollar City and bonus credits!


Steel Eel is my favorite coaster at the park, I loved the scenic lake placement


Down they go. The coaster has some nice pops throughout, I want to ride more of these Morgan hypers for sure!


Batman clone #3 of the trip. Check out the girl's face!


Is it a credit? Who cares! Now we drive to SFOT


Here it is! The original RMC - And my god, it's great! [RMC #3]


My only complaint are probably the 3 consecutive overbanks at the beginning. They kinda feel the same, and RMC has innovated so much since 2011 that they almost feel dated.


This hill that passes under the lift is really really good in the back row.


But the copious amounts of airtime make up for that small factor!


Shock Wave was easily the second best coaster at SFOT. Great spots of airtime in the back row, and the loops were quite intense.

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Nice TR! My 2015 was a bit of an RMC expedition as well, though I didn't make it to Wicked Cyclone or Goliath. I agree with your assessment of New Texas Giant. The repetition in the first half dogs it a bit compared to its successors, but still a fantastic coaster.


Looking forward to the rest and I'm curious to see how you rank them at the end. I'd go: 1. Medusa Steel Coaster, 2. Outlaw Run, 3. Twisted Colossus, 4. New Texas Giant, 5. Iron Rattler

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Riding four different RMCs in a span of five days is a coaster enthusiast's dream, this was the best coaster trip I have taken so far! The RMC hype is very real, each of these coasters provide an intense and ridiculously airtime filled ride experience (Outlaw Run is beyond words...) I remember on one of our rides on Iron Rattler Jeremy actually tried to hold me down over the first drop because he thought I was coming out!! Some of the best airtime I've ever felt on a roller coaster has come from the RMCs, I can't wait to ride their newest creations this summer!

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Loving this TR! I can't wait to see the Silver Dollar City photos and re-live this stuff.


I look forward to completing the RMCs (on this continent, at least) this year. For now, I rank them as follows:

1. Outlaw Run

2. New Texas Giant

3. Iron Rattler (so close to NTG)

4. Twisted Colossus

5. Goliath


I am ridiculously excited about the upcoming coaster season... Lightning Rod, Medusa, Storm Chaser, Joker, Wicked Cyclone! 2016 is going to be amazing; our trips are always the best!

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This is a fantastic trip report! It's so cool RMC is new on the scene so you can try and do all their coasters. The thing that amazes me about RMC is I have only ridden Goliath, with everybody says is the least awesome RMC and that coaster easily made it into my top 5. I can't wait to see how you stack up the rest of the RMC's!

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The thing that amazes me about RMC is I have only ridden Goliath, with everybody says is the least awesome RMC and that coaster easily made it into my top 5.


Goliath makes it into my top 5 wooden coasters, but I don't find it to be nearly as good as the other RMCs. I really hope you can ride more soon! Outlaw Run is absolutely incredible; reminiscent of Skyrush in some ways. It is so fast, so relentless, so airtime filled, plus positive Gs throughout... I love it. And the steel ones are fantastic too, each with its own merits. New Texas Giant takes the lead for me (with steel RMCs), since it's so long.

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This has been so great to look at! Really really enjoyed this trip! The Texas RMC's are seriously phenomenal, and Outlaw Run is just as good if not better than either. I remember the first ride we had on Iron Rattler. I was really impressed. The 2nd ride, our first ride in the front, was unbelievable! Texas Giant blew me away also! For the time being, it's my #2 steel coaster. Can't wait to ride Storm Chaser, Lightning Rod, and Joker this summer! This TR will grow so much.

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Call me crazy, but now after riding them all I think the Texas ones are the tamest of them all (except Goliath maybe). Maybe I'm biased since I've ridden the Texas ones so much, but seems like RMC got more and more ballsy with each one.

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Call me crazy, but now after riding them all I think the Texas ones are the tamest of them all (except Goliath maybe). Maybe I'm biased since I've ridden the Texas ones so much, but seems like RMC got more and more ballsy with each one.


I think your opinion is completely valid! At this point (in my TR), I had only ridden 3 RMCs, the only newer one being Twisted Colossus. While I do think that coaster goes balls out at points, there are a few aspects that hold it back for me. I think having a lift in the middle is a great idea, but it kills the pacing for me. Each individual side feels so short - they're about 30 seconds each, and when the you experience nearly the same ride a second time, it's kinda weird. The coaster has fantastic parts - like segment on the blue side from under the green double down to under the green stall is my favorite. There may be something to me about that coaster that just didn't quite feel complete, I can't quite put my tongue on it. Maybe I just saw potential that SFMM didn't fulfill.


I also rank NTG and IRat very very close, and the length of NTG is what pushes it ahead of the other.


I think once you read more of the trip report, you'll see my opinions start to align with yours a bit more. The fun thing about the RMCs is that I think anyone can rank them completely different and still have valid opinions!

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I'm so jealous! I finally got on my first RMC this year with Wicked Cyclone and it completely exceeded my sky-high expectations and vaulted itself right next to El Toro atop my list. I knew it'd be intense, but was still shocked that the airtime was as strong as ant Intamin I have been on. Also, while I'm not an inversion person, they offered some awesome hangtime and the whip-effect exiting the stall gave some crazy laterals. Lastly, WC was smoother than any B&M I'd ever been on, which I didn't expect.


Definitely looking forward to riding more in the future. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will get on any new RMC's next year. Besides WC, there simply isn't any close to the NJ area, and with my big trip being CP this summer, it also isn't really close to any RMC's. So, with any luck I'll be taking a weekend trip to SFNE to get on WC again, then in 2017 I'll plan a trip centered around a new RMC.

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Wow.... I didn't know that Goliath was rated as the weakest of the RMC's. I've only ridden it and Outlaw Run but I personally think Goliath was better and it was an absolute blast. I am definitely getting 4 more added to the list this year, Storm Chaser, NTAG, WC, and Lightning Rod so we'll see exactly how I feel afterwards.

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<-------the most important thing I read in your post? Validation that this year's installation at SFGA is going to be a piece of crap......


I don't know, my opinion definitely isn't the norm. I think the main reason I was disappointed in Batman at SFFT was because of the overwhelming positive response I read prior to riding it. Perhaps it's just my personal taste, don't knock it until you try it!

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This is great stuff! Thanks for posting, you're got a great TR style, with just the right balance of pictures and opinions. I'm a little behind on RMCs - we've been out of the country for the past few years. But I've done Medusa, Twisted Colossus, and Goliath so far, with Medusa being the hands down front runner. Should get on most of the rest of them this year. Really excited for Lightning Rod to open in just a few weeks!

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We woke up the next morning (3:30 am) and made the 7-hour drive to Silver Dollar City. It was a very long drive, Texas > Oklahoma > Arkansas > Missouri. In fact, we drove all the way back to Oklahoma City after the park closed too! Adding SDC onto our trip was a last minute decision and we weren't sure it would be worth all the extra driving time and hassle. But yet again, we were so wrong! SDC easily became our favorite park on our trip - the atmosphere, the charm, the trees, and especially the coasters!


So about Outlaw Run... Frankly, it's a monster. Never, have I ever ridden a coaster with more perfect pacing. Once you start heading down that insane drop, you don't slow down - like at all - until halfway through the second roll. There's also airtime somehow packed into any possible space on this ride. There's just never a dull moment. It feels like the coaster doesn't go under 50 mph during the whole course. Every element serves a purpose, there is no filler.


*My only problem with the ride - it can strangely feel a bit rough in the wheel seats. But we figured that out quickly and stuck to non-wheel rows and enjoyed our time on the ride!


Whew - We made it!


Will it live up to the hype? [RMC #4]


YES, my new favorite wood coaster - Sorry, El Toro!


I was a bit skeptical of this element at first - But it's elegance and grace proved me wrong!


HOLY CRAP, what a beautiful place for a coaster


SDC doesn't feel like a theme park, it feels like a little city. The coasters are mixed so organically into the park!


That little dive under the lift there, truly incredible in the back. Biggest surprise on the ride for me!


Loved the train at Dollywood, Loved the train here!


SDC was seriously a lot of fun!


I loved this coaster. Although short, it became my favorite sitdown (Over Hulk and Kumba). It just has a great layout!


Our sunset rides on Wildfire were unbelievable. I love the pop of airtime going down the drop in the back!


Night rides on Outlaw Run were simply epic. It's pitch black everywhere - except for the fireflies that you see flashes of! We got 15 rides throughout our day at the park!


The next morning we hit some bonus credits on our way back down to Texas.


Hello Frontier City - And hello Schwarzkopf!




Our first Looping Star! Back was fun, but front is definitely better!


Our first Arrow shuttle too! I believe this one operated at Great Adventure for a while. But it's missing it's twin now!


It was pretty rough.


Yay for more credits!

This concludes my trip out here. We spent another afternoon at SFOT, but we don't need anymore pictures there! There are still more RMC's to cover!


Coming up next: Six Flags Great America (ft. Goliath)


Just look at this image - It's traveling 58 mph BEFORE the barrel rolls!

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