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Best Coaster Layout

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n this thread, you share what coaster layout you think is the "best". This includes a part (or parts) of a coaster's layout, coasters that are now gone, and you can also say coasters that you haven't ridden. A good layout can be exciting, original throughout the whole ride and even theming (if applicable) . Your list of coasters can be like my list below or you can just say the coaster and say why you like the layout.




Viper (Darien Lake) - Sure it maybe an old rough Arrow roller coaster, but it has a timeless classic layout with five inversion and an underground tunnel.

Maverick (Cedar Point) - A rather fast and awesome coaster with a cool name and rocks


Not have ridden:

Dueling Dragons: - I know I've called it its old name, But I liked it better without Harry Potter and also its "double header" loops (It's too bad the layout has gone to "waste" since the dragons are no longer "dueling")

Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFDK): - Personally, I may not like the idea of Six Flags overusing superheroes, but it has good layout for a short coaster that is not a kiddie coaster


Now gone:

Drachen Fire (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) - It's a shame that such a rough coaster that had short lived operating life would have such a good layout that could have been awesome if it was still around. P.S. I never had the chance to ride it!

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Superman at Six Flags New England has the perfect layout. 200ft drop, big camelback with strong floater/light ejector, overbanked turn taken with good speed and positive g's, 2 ejector filled medium-sized canelbacks, 2 s-curves with ejector and laterals, 2 helices with positive g's, and 2 ejector filled bunny hops.


Basically, literally everything you could want from a hyper coaster layout.

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For me the most consistently enjoyable coaster layout has got to be Afterburn at Carowinds. It's not my favorite coaster ever, mainly because it's not the most intense coaster I've ridden by any means, but it's pacing is just flawless. It attacks its inversions one after the other giving you no time to breathe. It's by far my favorite B&M invert followed closely by Raptor.


However, a ride I havent ridden that I think has a conceptually better layout is The Voyage at Holiday World. I will be trying out that ride this summer so I can't wait to see if it lives up to what I have in my head. Same goes for Boulder Dash on all counts.

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I forgot to mention V2: Vertical Velocity (SFDK) since that coaster has the best layout for a shuttle coaster even though it's all red color scheme is UGLY!. Another honorable mention (to me) would be Kennywood's original Steel Phantom's layout, the inversion made the coaster better in terms of looks even though the original SP color scheme was just bland, but the Phantom's Revenge is good even without inversions.

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Best overall layout:

Drachen Fire

Eagle Fortress

Medusa Steel Coaster



Best Layout thanks to Themeing:

Black Mamba



Honorable Mention:

The Beast. While not all of it is the most exciting, the low to the ground nature of how it follows the terrain, coupled with totally unique ride path makes this an all time favorite of mine. I don't think the same layout would be as good on different terrain.

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Best wood coaster layouts:

The Voyage: I once saw someone say in an article "It's an out & back that rides like a twister." I couldn't agree more. No other wood coaster I've seen packs so much variety, action, and intensity into one ride, and no other wood coaster I've ridden carries its speed so well until the very end thanks to its downhill terrain in the last half. The pacing is insane from start to finish, and not one moment of the ride feels awkward or out of place. Honestly, the amount of airtime thrown in is just a bonus to me. It's the sheer pacing, intensity, and length of the ride that make it my favorite wood coaster to this day.


The Beast: There is literally no other wood coaster in the world like it. It's so radically different from all the others in that it completely relies on its raw speed and terrain-hugging turns and straightaways to give its thrill, and the finale, with its slow climb up the second lift hill, long shallow ramp that gradually increases in speed and banking, and lateral slamming double helix, is the most well-designed finale to a roller coaster I can think of. It's quite a theatrical ride when you think about it! And I think it's that theatricality that makes it a favorite for so many people.


Best steel coaster layouts:

Millennium Force: After thinking a long time about this, I've decided that MF is the most beautiful looking steel coaster ever created. With its monolithic lift hill, gigantic airtime hills, and symmetrical overbanked turns, you just can't help but stare at it in awe. Also, while the pacing of the ride isn't the quickest in the world, it's SO good at keeping its speed through the entire ride. It doesn't ever feel slow, and that speed feeling is magnified by the openness of the trains. It's probably the most comfortably thrilling roller coaster in the world if that makes sense.


Mind Bender (SFOG): A classic in every sense of the word. Mind Bender is probably the most FUN looping coaster ever with its perfectly placed circular loops, positive g crushing inclined helix, and surprise airtime moments, it always gets me laughing by the end.


Kumba: It's layout sequence has been repeated a ton, but this one still feels original and exciting if only for one reason: lightning-fast pacing! Kumba goes through its inversions much faster than several newer B&M loopers, and it still rides (relatively) smooth to this day. A perfect representation of B&M at their peak.


Honorable Mentions:

Coney Island Cyclone

Batman: The Ride (B&M)

The Raven



Flight of Fear

Lightning Racer

Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

Incredible Hulk

Dueling Dragons



Just to name a few LOL. There's a lot of layouts I like.


Edit: Good lord I'm such a nerd. I love it.

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I think Talon at Dorney Park has an amazing track layout for an inverted coaster. I just like it how the coaster is quite compact with four inversions and also how close you get to the ground on the helix. I also enjoyed the zero-g roll right after the loop just after going over the station. Talon just has an amazing layout that is kind of difficult to describe! What more is there to say?



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Mindbender at SFoG - it is just classic and uses the terrain beautifully.

Kumba - 'nuff said

Batman the Ride - even though there are a lot of them, the amount of action and intensity they pack in a small space is pretty phenomenal


There are several more, but these stick out to me.

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Outlaw Run, Fury 325, or Banshee.


I love Outlaw Run because no matter where you are on the ride, the only thing you see is the ten upcoming feet of track and trees. Banshee is just plain beautiful, and fits an amazing coaster on to a gorgeous plot of land. Fury 325 does have some elements that could be better, but it is probably the most attractive ride on the planet.

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Skyrush - it's not very long but it has a perfect mix of airtime, twisty bits and banked forceful turns

Dragon khan - it's not too different from many B&Ms but it feels very fluid with no "pauses" or less exiting parts (except for the MCBR). The extra loop is a plus too

Batman clones - you can't ask for much more in such a compact area. They got it spot on the first time

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Dominator: It's not like other floorless coasters with just inversion after inversion. It has great intense enlements, and even a Diamondback-like airtime moment after the MCBR.


Vekoma SLCs: They may be rough, but the layout is actually pretty unique.


The Boss: it has a pretty good layout if only it were smoother...


Stormrunner: How can you not like this layout... Other than that last element.


Anaconda: I actually really like Anaconda's layout, the butterfly element is unique and makes it feel like you are going faster than you really are. Plus it's a very pretty coaster! My only problem with it is that it is way too short... (And the middle part of the butterfly isn't my favorite, but it's in no way rough or anything)

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Stormrunner: How can you not like this layout... Other than that last element.

The layout is great, just a little too short for me. What's funny is that I love the last element. It feels (and is) very unique.

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My personal favourite coaster, SkyRush. It has to be the best layout as it is the best coaster, and the best layout creates the best coaster.


I also love Magnum XL-200, Big Grizzly Mountain, Apollo's Chariot, Voyage, Abismo (Parque de Attracciones), Tornado (Sarkanniemi), Bullet (Selva Magica), Olympia Looping, Kozmo's Kurve, Phoenix (Knoebels), Verbolten (BGW), Alpengeist, Raptor (CP), Raging Bull (my personal hometown park bias), Maverick, any B&M floorless coaster, Batman B&M Invert clones, the wooden Wild Mouse coasters, Cyclops (Mt. Olympus), and all RMC coasters. I like many other layouts but cannot think of them at the moment nor do I wish to make a long post.

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Trying not to mix favorites/best rides with what I think are best layouts. Sometimes they are mutually exclusive.


Of the taller non-loopers, Superman Ride of Steel (NE), Raging Bull, Expedition GeForce have what I think are the best/most interesting layouts. I've not ridden Expedition GeForce. I think Batman The Ride is just about perfect, at least in terms of inverted coaster layouts. Similarly, it's hard to argue against Kumba or Dragon Khan. Incidentally, Batman and Kumba are my favorites of their type, but I haven't ridden Dragon Khan.

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Big Grizzly Mountain at Disneyland Hong Kong looks like an awesome layout. I've never been on it but I've watched a dozen videos of that thing and the combination of forward, backwards, lifts, and launches with all of the crossovers and tunnels make it look like a great attraction.

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I might say Medusa Steel at SFMX, and I haven't even ridden it yet! The theming is really good, but the paint (wear) and wood really sells it too! I love those inversion drops, and the intensity comes from its headchoppers and how it even stretches away from its main structure!


*100th POST *

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