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Photo TR: Universal Studios Singapore (2/2/2016)

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Today I visited Universal Studios Singapore. I had a great time. My rides started with Enchanted Airways (coaster #972) and I found this coaster to be a lot of fun. Up next, came the newest coaster at the park. It is Puss In Boots Giant Journey. This ride was not very exciting, but it was coaster #973 for me. Canopy Flyer (#974) was my next coaster and despite the fact that it did not have any real drops, it was an enjoyable ride for me. Revenge Of The Mummy (#975) was next and I used the single rider line to walk right on. This ride is the best coaster in Universal Studios Singapore. I enjoyed the launches and scenery.


Transformers was up next and it now my favorite non-coaster ride at any park. It actually felt like a coaster at times. It is great fun and I enjoyed the pace of the battle that riders are supposed to be involved in.


I rode the Human side of Battlestar Galactica next. It is a fun ride and the Cylon side is even better. I count this as two coasters. Not only does each track have a different name, they are even two different types of coasters. Human (#976) is more like a giant roller skater and Cylon (#977) is a custom SLC.


I could not help but notice that Universal Singapore is smaller than other Universal Parks in much the same way Hong Kong Disneyland is smaller than other Disney parks. With that being said, this park is worth checking out. I enjoyed it very much and Revenge Of The Mummy is my favorite indoor coaster.


I have arrived at a park that I have wanted to visit for a long time.


This is just inside the gate. It looked like it would be a busy day, but I got a pleasant surprise.


Once I was past this point, the crowds disappeared.


This is one of the first rides that I walked past.


This would be the first I ride of the day for me.


It is called Enchanted Airways.


This would be the second ride I would go on.


It is Puss In Boots' Giant Journey.


Treasure Hunters was the next ride. Jeeps take passengers through ancient Egypt.


Canopy Flyer was next.


It towers over Jurassic Park.


This thing is God Damned Excellent!


This building houses the best non-roller coaster ride anywhere.


Both sides of Battlestar Galactica are a lot of fun.


They should paint both tracks the same color. This would really make it confusing.

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