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Turbulence, a K'nex Thrill Ride

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Hey Guys


Lately I've demolished my K'nex Wicked Cyclone, to build a new ride. This time it's not a roller coaster, but a thrill ride, to be exactly a Booster. The structure is done now and so I only have to build the station and the arm. The height of the axis is about 2ft 8in so the arm will probably go up to 5ft while spinning. But because K'nex isn't that stabile I had to use 2 Supporting tubes instead of one like on the real one.

But now some photos:


First support tube


And that's how it is right now


Do you like it so far?

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Today I've changed the footers, due they weren't stable at all. I've also made the arm, but there is a main problem. If the arm is put on the axis, the the whole structure drops sideways if I won't hold it. So it can't even stand still! So I need to do some more work there. And making another support isn't possible too, because I ran out of the purple straight connectors!

But now some photos:


And the arm in front of the structure


The free swinging gondola

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I now have extended the back supports, to attach a string, but then I saw that I could also place a box on it and it doesn't falls down anymore. So now I could test it, but the arm is bending itself and keeps hitting the supports. So I was thinking about using a long metal rod for the stabilisation, but I'm not sure if it gets too heavy! Or maybe a wooden stick if the metal is too heavy? What do you think?

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Due the Arm was bending too much I made a new arm, but not in tube style, more like Intamin's 3 Spine track, but just not as strong. It now is strong enough to hold the gondolas without bending. If I have enough time due School, I will put the arm on the supports tomorrow. Latest on the weekend I have time to continue building it.

Here a few photos:


The new arm compared to the old tube style arm


and the arm finished


And the gondola

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I've now attached the arm to the supports. The problems of the wacky arm are now solved, but not the one with hitting the supports while spinning. So I'm thinking of making a 3rd support or if I'll turn the axis 90 degrees, so that it goes between the two main supports.

What do you think?

A few photos:


The whole ride


View from the top of the gondola


And the axis

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I've completely redone the axis, so that the arm now goes between the two supports. It works now, but as alwys, there are still some problems! :/

The Supports with the axis and the base are making a rectangle, which is very wobbly! While it's running, it stays kinda stabile, but while it is a- or decelerating I need to hold it, otherwise the supports would twist them up! So when I'm holding it, it works fine and while it's running in a constant speed, I don't need to hold it.

Do you have any further tipps or do you think it's fine now?

Some Pics:



And the whole ride


The undone station


The new axis

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Looks awesome! Glad you got it up and running!


I think you may find the ride more stable if you would have made a different kind of support for each side of the tower. Instead of having one large pole that goes up, try spreading out the supports a little and creating something like this:



That should solve the issue of the supports wanting to bend and wobble.

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I wish I could send you all my pieces because your models are absolutely fantastic and I don't have a use for mine anymore, I only got two large sets, but I have so many. It's just international shipping rates are ridiculous.

Haha, really? But you don't have to, I'm going to use the box supports either, but thanks

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The ride is now finished. As I said, I replaced it with box supports and I only needed one, so it's still the same way of supporting as I wanted it to be, but just with box supports instead of tubes. It works well without hitting the structure. I also made a small loading platform. But till the Video is shot, edited and uploaded, it may tke a few weeks, due I'm at my father's home the whole weekend...

But now some photos:




How it looks now


Do you like it?

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