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Mini TR: Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

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So I stopped by Nagashima Spa Land in Mie, Japan last week. Very nice park. They remain open daily during the off season (except a one week maintenance period), it's crazy how empty it was! Every single ride was a walk on. Felt like there were more employees than guests.


Getting there: Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Terminal 1900 yen roundtrip to nagashima spa land. Ride pass was 4500 yen for unlimited rides and entry. You can pay 1500 yen and pay per ride if you want. I think SD2000 and acrobat were 1000 yen per ride. But since it was empty and i chain rode them, just went for the full ride pass.


Anyways some of the pics:


Acrobat On-ride Pov




Acrobat Photo Op during the queue:



Acrobat passing by the water feature:



Steel Dragon 2000 World's Longest Coaster... it was slightly windy and I guess they are really scared of SD2000 getting valley'd so they were weighing down the train with the water jugs every single ride!



Park food: (i got the little chicken nuggets things in a cup, they were good)



Some pics from SD2000 lift hill:





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Great POV! I love the zero-car design on Manta....errr, Acrobat I mean. Feels very strange though to see the ride just out in the open on a flat piece of land like that when comparing to Manta, but give those trees a couple of years and I'm sure it will look great. Thanks for sharing!

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The shots of the park from Steel Dragon 2000 are really great!

Definitely different angles, and inclusive of stuff not seen from

their Sky Wheel.


p.s. I Nagashima Spa Land. (And Mitsui Greeland.)

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Sweet photos. Great and steady POV!


I do have a general question about my upcoming visit. On any non holiday weekday can you arrive at 11 am and ride all the coasters in 1 day? And do they these days offer any single rider or fastlane system?

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