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Sad news, the park is reopening soon. (May 22nd)

For my own sanity, I'd rather La Ronde get Vipere than something I might get the urge to ride...

"Super Manège was a rough ride" "Hold my beer"

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^ I seriously hate it when the media does that!! I know they are trying to show an example of what it might look like but I just dont like it when it is done like this. I would rather them put in the computer animation of Goliath that's already out instead of a different coaster altogether!! But I also realize this is for the GP. So what do they know? But for us coaster fanatics (or me) it's just very annoying!!!

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I'm really looking forward to this ride. I think it's either going to be a hit or miss, but I really love B&M hypers and this layout looks great (as long as the POV video isn't accurate in terms of speed)

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From what I see, with all the footers being ready, my guess is that they will assemble Goliath very fast. And looking at the sharp apex of the first hill (after lift), we will probably get some airtime.


all the footers are ready

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Gosh this thing seems to be going pretty fast. Although, the circut doesn't seem like its much of a challenge to put up, they're still working hard. It looks like a decent ride, though I'll probably never get up to ride it...

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