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First ever visit to the USA from a Dutchy, roadtrip May 2016

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Great trip report so far! I especially enjoyed the photos of pathways and waterways

around the park. It's really nice to see so much greenery and landscaping, there.


And great to see that cinnamon bread too, LOL!


Looking forward to reading about the rest of your U.S. Road Trip.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry about the delay guys, real life gets in the way of writing a trip report sometimes


Next up, Kings Island!



One of those parks you dream about, maybe one day i'll get here? You can imagine the joy i felt when i walk through the entrance!


We spent 2 full days at the park, both of the days the park was open til 10pm so loads of time for all the rides, the queue's were around 5->10 minutes for most rides besided Firehawk and FoF, which was awesome!


Since The Beast was ERT we decided to hit that up and walked all the way to the back of the park.


Its so hidden!



First ride was (ofcourse) front seat and i really liked it! Not to rough and a nice sense of speed! We ofcourse came back in the evening and that is another story


Daimondback openend up after 2 rides on The Beast so we walked that way, what a nice looking hypercoaster this is, and i love it goes out in the woods and comes back.


Oh hi!



Love this shot


After 10 minutes we took place front seat ( ) and i was curious to experience how this one compares to Intimidator just a few days ago. I liked it better! It also felt a lot longer and the ride wasn't over after the MCBR . The splash is a nice touch @ the end and we ended up riding this coaster a bunch of times.


Really nice to photograph aswell.





Next up:




This ride looks very good, its a lot of fun but it kicks your ass while you're having fun . One of the rougher Arrow's i've experienced but loved it nonetheless.


We then hit up the back side of the park, i didn't take pictures here but Firehawk and FoF were 'ok' rides, Firehawk was better then Nighthawk @ Carowinds but i'm spoiled with Manta . FoF was a little rough but had some intense moments, great ride but mostly had a long line around 40 minutes when Daimondback had 5 minutes so that was a no-brainer .



Hit racer a couple of times aswell

Racer is such a fun ride, its a little rough but i keep laughing all the way through, both sides were running and the speed + little pops of airtime are really fun, great ride!



We then saw a huge purple monster looking down on us:




After doing Montu + Afterburn i was really looking forward to this ride! The scream when you crest the lifthill is a nice touch.


Overal i really like Banshee, its no so intense as other inverts but its really smooth, long and fun! I could be riding this coaster all day no problem. I like the older restraints better but these are comfortable enough. Loads of re-rides aswell with 5 minute wait!


Some pictures:


Hi there Delirium



I was HERE




We then decided to go up the Eifel Tower to get a nice view of the park.



Such an awesome view of the park, every park should have something like this! Taking pictures on this thing is a real blast!








We decided to come back in the evening aswell for the fireworks and take some more night-pictures.





Since i'm home now i keep thinking back on this trip and Kings Island is one of the parks that sticks out. It has such a nice collection of rides, great staff and everything is nice and clean. The rides are great, everything is just in 'balance' in this park.


I'm jealous of people in Ohio for having this park AND CP in the same state, you lucky guys .


Well, hopefully i won't take to long writing the Cedar Point part right ?


Thanks for reading guys, leave a comment or something











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All your shots from the tower are really great! I have seen one or two shots, here and there in other reports,

but none that show most of the "total view" like yours do. Great TR. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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All your shots from the tower are really great! I have seen one or two shots, here and there in other reports,

but none that show most of the "total view" like yours do. Great TR. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thanks! Got a wide angle lense a while ago so could make good use of it there! I really like writing the report as i go through the whole thing in my mind again !

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  • 2 months later...

Sorry guys about the delay, real life got in the way....


Well for the next 4 days we visited Cedar Point, one of the parks i wanted to visit for my whole life!


I'm here!


We first went to Millenium Force, the queue looks awesome looking up to that MASSIVE first drop!



First ride was front seat, and the first drop is really breathtaking beside the lake! The ride was really fast and i really liked it! Fury 325 is still king in my opinion but this is a very good ride! We went straight after for a back seat ride and there the drop is even better!


During the 4 days we were here we only saw TTD running 1 day, right after the park opened. 1st ride was front seat and i've never been so scared in my life! The adrenaline was pumping when i saw that HUGE hill, and then the launch! This is crazy and i came of the right laughing my ass of because i couldn't believe what i just witnessed! We went straight around for 3 more laps! Amazing ride!





I can't believe how big this park is, walking from Gatekeeper to Maverick takes a while... Again i noticed how clean this park was (same @ Kings Island etc.), friendly staff and most of the coasters were running really well operations wise.


Speaking of Maverick, what an AWESOME coaster is this. Writing this after i rode Maverick, iSpeed and Taron i can honestly say Maverick is the best of the 3. Such a great ride, it has everything going for it!


Only picture i got :)


Unfortunately the park was closed 1 day we visited the area, this was because of a huge storm that caused some powerlines on the road leading to the park to fall down and cause a power failure in the park. Not the parks fault but i still was bummed that i couldn't visit this awesome park more !


During the 3 days we visited the park was crowded, but not so much that it was to much to handle. Only Valravn had a line extending for more then an hour.


Speaking of Valravn, i liked the ride but Shiekra and Griffon are MUCH better in my opinion! I think its because of the vest restraint maybe? I only got 1 ride in so couldn't really tell.


It looks great though!



Food was great here, only bummer was that we had to pay extra for the buffet with our dining plan! In kings island and carowinds we didn't need to!


Raptor, next to Valravn was a great inverted, nice forceful drop and the cobra roll was nice and snappy! Not the best inverted in the world (i think thats Montu) but still a great ride overal!




Btw, Thirsty Pony is a really fun place if a bit wierd. I like the 'honk to be seated' hond at the entrance . Had a great burger here!



I liked Gatekeeper very much, not to intense but just a coaster you can enjoy over and over again. The first drop is pretty scary in front row and i loved how the ride interacted with the front gate entrance!






I really liked this park, its one of those parks you have to visit once in your life! This park has so many coasters you even forget about some (looking at you Rougarou) that are great but you rather ride Maverick more .




Thanks for reading, and sorry it took a while to write this up. The next park (Kennywood) will come soon!

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Awesome report so far! Can't wait to see your top 10 at the end. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more.


Thanks! I loved so many coasters that a top 10 will be very hard for me i can tell..... Love sharing this though but finding the time to write this up is hard

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