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Rocoty - Rollercoaster letters

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Hello TPR!


My name is Ruben, graphic designer and theme park/rollercoaster freak from the Netherlands!


I'm working on a project where I combine this two things. My profession with my passion! Rocoty (ROllerCOaster TYpeface) is the name of this project. I'm designing a font (alphabet) based on rollercoasters.


It all began with the "box track" 8!



Then I'm started to make the whole alphabet. Each letter can be connected to another letter. Like real coaster-elements.


All letters in 'B&M track' so far:



abc in B&M track:



Individual letters, like new inversion-elements



With supports:


Inverted O:



Normal O:



The O inspired by OzIris in Parc Asterix.



This was Rocoty so far. Stay tuned for new updates!



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Thanks for the comments!


Here a little update:


I'm now optimizing all letters. That's a big job, but i like it! In addition, I make them in style of real roller coasters!


The X in Shambhala style:



The L in Lost Gravity style (New coaster in Walibi Holland):



So far. Regards,



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