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So i did a little searching and couldn't find any forums like this. If you have some beautiful sunset photos of coasters feel free to share them. I got a few of Steel Force and dominator.


Pano down by the employee entrance


Up by Apollo.


Right by Apollo and Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Those are very nice sunset photos at Dorney Park! One thing I noticed while I was there during my first visit back in June was that after 8:30 pm it went dark quite fast! I am not really use to that because it's quite flat where I live! But, out of my two days being there, I had only seen the sunset the first night because the second night was overcast and raining! But, Dorney Park was a beautiful park during the day and at night!

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Wow those photos are breath taking!!! Absolutely beautiful. And yes Dorney is beautiful! Right by the whip and three point challenge is a prime spot for photos!

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Here's a bunch of sunset pics from a Cedar Point trip from May 2015.

Cedar Point offers some of the BEST sunset lighting of any park I've been to. The Maverick pictures in particular turned out awesome.




This one's my favorite. =)







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That last one is awesome!!!


Here are a few more from Dorney. The first two are not my photos. I found them on google many moons ago. But the last one is mine. I took tha the summer of 2014 at work.


This is one of my favorites.


Steel force


Talon looking from the waterpark.

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I visited Gardaland with my girlfriend in december! Beautiful day and no lines (5 min for all major coasters!)


Gardaland - Oblivion (B&M Dive Coaster)


Gardaland - Oblivion 2 (B&M Dive Coaster)


Gardaland - Magic Mountain (Vekoma Double Loop Corkscrew).. Hahahha, awful!!

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