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Which Coaster Could You Ride Without Restraints?

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If it was 100% safe having the restraints release or simply dissaper at the last element of Flight Deck (top gun) at CGA would be fun, Well if it wasn't for that scummy water in that pond. I had a nightmare about that once only it was at a SF:MM/SF:DK hybrid park. SF:DK having a actual lake too.


As for what ride i'd think I could handle without restraints. Probably that wildmouse at CGA. I don't hate that thing, but it's nothing that makes me want to go to CGA.

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I would agree that some kiddie coasters could go without lap bars, but considering Pepsi Orange Streak's harsh braking and KK's Roller Skater being a good 15 to 20 feet above a deep pit, I'm almost thankful they have something to brace on to.

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I have to say Magnum XL or voyager. Trying to find a coaster that you could live on without restraints and still be insane. These two I feel I could handle and not die.


Idk Magnum has some pretty crazy ejector airtime


My only worry is the last section. If there was a handle bar to hold on to it would work.

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Technically you could ride any coaster without restraints /once/


on a serious note, probably Talon at Dorney Park, if you had something to hold on to for that small dip before the on ride camera.


You could also definitely do the back seat of Thunderhawk at Dorney without a restraint.

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Tig'rr at Indiana Beach didn't have any restraints until recently. It was a bit unnerving going over the first drop with no restraints whatsoever.


The Roller Coaster (now Nickelodeon Streak) at Blackpool used to have no restraints as well until it got a train from the Big Dipper.


I'd imagine Tig'rr's drop is similar to most flumes. The really scary ones are flumes with air time like the one at Seabreeze or Splash Mountain (Disneyland still has no restraints). I can only imagine what Ripsaw Falls was like before the lap bars.

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None. I value my life, and after doing lap bar almost all the way up rides on Goliath and S:TE back in my SFMM ride op days, I can say for sure that it is absolutely terrifying.


Yeah I've ridden a few coasters in my ride op days with lap bars nearly all the way up and it really is terrifying no matter if you really need them or not. I still remember getting really freaked out on a Pinfari Looping star, yeah you won't "fall out" but it was far from a pleasant ride, even though most Looping Stars with restraints are far from peasant rides.


Heck Splash Mountain still gets me a little more nervous than it should after all these years dropping into the brier patch without a lap bar.

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