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What was your first coaster with a inversion?

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My recollection is a little fuzzy on this topic, but I believe it was the Screamer at Boblo Island. I still remember that first ride I was brave enough to ride it, and the terror/excitement of the ride. It's still one of my most visceral memories from my younger years. It was a night ride too, FWIW...


There's a chance it was Corkscrew at Deer Park Funland (MiA) as well, but I do think Screamer came first. Corkscrew at Cedar Point would have been my third coaster with an inversion...

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My first was Tsunami at M&D's in Scotland. Took me ages to build up the courage for it and then I finally went on it. I loved it but then I got scared of it again for some reason and didn't go it on for another couple of years. And it's so small...

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Rock "n" Roller Coaster way back in 2000. That was also my first launched coaster.


The ironic part is that I had no problem riding that, but was scared to death by Honey I Shrunk the Audience (didn't want to be shrunk as I thought that I actually would) or Tower of Terror (didn't want to become a real ghost).

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The first ever with inversions Corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure. The first with vertical loops ironically enough was also an Arrow: Dragon Mountain at Marine Land in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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