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What is your favorite coaster logo?

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I love coasters but I've never been much of a themeing or logo type of person, but I love Toro's, and not even just because its a favorite ride of mine. I just love the logo, its so simple and effective. @Bert I love the Possessed logo too (see avatar <-). Coincidentally El Toro is the only ride specific t-shirt I own and its just the logo, none of that Six Flags "I like it rough" bs.


Or taking selfies with it ;)


I love walking up to it and being greeted by it.

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Eh. Roller coasters and other attractions don't need "official" logos. Half the time the official logo isn't actually used at the real entrance to the attraction anyway.

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I've always had a soft spot for Raging Bull's logo. It's probably home-park bias to an extent.



Would have been nice if they had kept the cartoon bull over the queue entrance- not sure why they go rid of it.



My guess is that it had unacceptable levels of uniquity for a Six Flags park. At least they didn't just slap a Red Bull logo in it's place. Eventually, they probably will.


Also a fan of the Millennium Force logo. Simple, yet effective.


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