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Musik Express New Model Project

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For those interested i'v uploaded a video of the test run of my model. Its currently in the reverse setting and it runs pretty smooth. Going backwards is running better than forwards at the moment but I will sort this small problem out this week. I'v Still got a long way to go for it to be finished but i'v really enjoyed building this so far



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I added more lights to the model, Wasn't easy and it didn't go as smooth as I planned but hey it works now. The model is running great in both directions, Heres another test run with lights for you to watch if your interested. still go some work to do but getting really excited about this model being finished.









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Way way way COOL! I love it! Will it be added to your last project as a ride?


Were I to pick a non-coaster ride to recreate, I would probably make a Chance Turbo.


No this will be a part of a new model. Im going to do a German Kirmes scene, This model is great but wouldn't fit with my Theme park style in the last model. You should make a chance Turbo i'd love to see your posts on making it.

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It's been a while but i'v made a progression with the model. I put fabric around the main spinning section so you can't see the motor, and around the back of the model. The hand rails are almost finished and I put a few deco parts around the front, I think its looking great what do you all think?





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Really a very nice job. How did you happen to choose this particular ride?


Im making a scene of a german fair, and basically every german fair has a Musik Express, I also was very inspired by the model Hit machine Musik Express model which can be found online, this really sparked me to make my own. I have a few fair stalls etc so hopefully I can make a few more rides and put them together for a great model.

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So here is my 1:87 custom designed Musik Express working Model. Im really pleased with how it looks and I fits in nicely to my other little models which i'v made from Faller kirmes kits. I went ahead a month or two back and my the base, this is still not complete as I have lots of things to add but here's what the model looks like in a setting.









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