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Gateway Holiday Park

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An existing caravan & camping site in Wales has plans to build an amusement park.


Gateway Resort are gearing up to submit a planning application early next year that would see a 20 acre site developed just off the A484.




The plan is for 26 rides across the site, which will become the Gateway Resort from Easter.


One of them will traverse the lake within the site and will be licensed as the only one of its kind in Britain.

Vekoma Ride Manufacturing, one of the largest roller coaster builders in the world, have been lined up to design and install the ride.


Mr Strelley says some of the planning applications will be for full permission and some for outline as the site is developed.


The exact theme for the park is still being decided upon.




"There will be a large indoor barn full of rides and a 4D virtual reality simulator, of which there is only one other in the world, in Canada.




The artwork only has coasters, all easily recognizable standard models by Vekoma and Gerstlauer.


Vekoma Flying Dutchman (the newest model, of which Vekoma has yet to build one)
Vekoma Stingray
Vekoma SLC
Vekoma Boomerang
Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster 400
Gerstlauer Junior Coaster 210
Gerstlauer Family Coaster 200



source: Llanelli Star

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...One of them will traverse the lake within the site and will be licensed as the only one of its kind in Britain.


From the artwork showing the map, it doesn't look like any of the coasters are "traversing the lake". But again, it is just

an artist's vision of what the park would/could look like. And that is quite a first selection of coasters to open the park with.

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I mean, coasters are usually more fun than flats, or at least more interesting, so its a good selling point.


And about having the same sensations from stingray and flying dutchman, that's not really important to the gp.

when the GP sees similiarities they would rather at first think that a el loco and stingray are the same,

such as when they see something like falcons fury and then a space shot, it's the same ride, while for example

oblivion at alton is more close to falcons fury than space shot in experience.

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Would love to see this go ahead but as of now it just seems like a bit of a dream. That's a LOT of coasters for what is just a small caravan site.


On the other hand, it would be amazing to see another Vekoma Stingray open up. The first one is a great but weird ride.

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