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New Amusement Park in Alabama for 2016

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It's not on the scale of DreamVision, but an amusement park is currently being constructed in Guntersville, Alabama and scheduled to open in April of 2016. I have attached two recent article on Lake City Amusement Park. The Guntersville is a popular recreation spot in Northern Alabama.


But here is a synopsis.

Opening in Three Phases: Phase I - Amusement Park (2016), Phase II - Water Park (2017), Phase III RV park

35 rides including a roller coaster (Wisdom Orient Express), ferris wheel, Frenzy (toted to be a swinging ride and a the of it's kind in the country), carousel, bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, scrambler or sizzler, trailer mounted fun house, frog hopper, Ring of Fire, Fun Slide

Expected admission price is in the $20-$25 range






GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Crews are breaking ground on Guntersville's first amusement park.

for WHNT-19 News


Lake City Amusement Park is slated to open in just a few months and crews are breaking ground on a stretch of property just off of U.S. Highway 431 near Lowes in Guntersville. "We'll have about 35 rides here, so a pond, a splash pad for the kids to play and get cool in the summertime, picnic areas with an amphitheater," Marketing Director Jay Velez says.


The rides will include a ferris wheel and a roller coaster.


This is the first amusement park for the company based out of Phenix City, Alabama. The company made the decision to come to Guntersville this year. "The location, the lake, the community, it just seemed like the right place to go," Velez says.


There are plans to expand the park eventually, with an aim to build a water park and an RV area.


While the price isn't set, Velez says the company is planning for a price in the range of 20 to $25 for general admission. "It's just a destination where you can have your birthday parties, have a lot of fun, plan any kind of event you want and come and enjoy yourself," Velez says.


The park is set to be open in April.




Rides have arrived at the Guntersville amusement park

Will Harkins wharkins@waaytv.com


Things are moving along as planned for the new Lake City Amusement Park to open up in April 2016.


Several rides have already arrived at the site located just off Reed Road behind Lowe's in Guntersville. Some of the rides already in place, include "Frenzy" which is a giant swing ride that is the first of it's kind in the country.


The park will open with 35 rides including a roller coaster and ferris wheel. There will be 15-20 concession stands, carnival games, and an arcade. The park has already partnered with Coca-Cola as well. When the park opens in April, it will also have a 5-6 acre amphitheater for live shows.


Jay Velez, Marketing Manager for the park, says "


This is Alabama's amusement park. This is the only amusement park in the state, as far as we are aware of, there are others with big water parks and a few rides, but this is the only full fledged amusement park with the addition of the water park in 2017. We are just excited and can't wait."


The park is being built in 3 phases. Phase one will be the rides, concessions, and games. Phase two will be the water park opening up in April 2017, and phase three will be an RV park.

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I saw this last week and pretty sure most of these rides are portable carnival models, some new, mostly used. But hey, whatever works. In reality it's probably smart to have portable models that can easily be liquidated if the community doesn't support it.


It's not on the scale of DreamVision


Yeah, well, about that...



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Hey kids, did you pack the helmets?

Oh just in case if we get stoned again.

Yeah ill get us a translator.


(idk if that's rly offensive but idk if anyone over there has heard of internet so idk if anyone here can rly get offended so....)


Yeah that'll probably only get locals to go except for the most daring of credit whores

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I think the only way for an amusement park with portable rides to look very nice would be to have permanent fences and shrubbery around the rides. Hopefully Lake City Amusement Park is very successful and thrives in the years to come for those things to happen.

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Beech Bend started out in a very similar way and it has turned into a very nice little park that is continually expanding with large, permanent additions. Hopefully this park finds the same success!

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It is quite sad that it lasted only for two months. But, from what I noticed on their website is that their pricing was way too high for the amount of rides they had, especially considering they were all portable. They definitely should have charged less for admission in order to get more people in. But, if they couldn't cover their operating costs, they should have maybe reduced the amount of rides, the admission price, and the operating hours. If they had done it that way, they could have expanded everything once they began to really make a profit.

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Also wow @ some comments on the FB page even from employees saying that haven't been paid in weeks and are being told the park has to sell rides and equipment before they can reimburse workers for hours they've already put in. This whole situation sucks for everyone involved including the owners.

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