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Photo TR: Phantasialand (Wintertraum)

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Time for my first ever Photo TR! I spent the day in my home park and took a few photos for you to enjoy. It's such a great park and with the addition of the Klugheim area next year (Taron anyone??), a must visit for any theme park enthusiast out there. Well, it's already a must visit to be honest...



Have a wonderful holiday season and keep being awesome!


After a short 15 minute drive, we're here. First thing that caught my attention from the parking lot.....TARON!


Colorado Adventure! Is there anyone who doesn't like this thing?




Good ride, GREAT theming! Queuing was always <5 minutes (except for the front row)


Never been on Talocan. Just not my cup of tea. Watching other people on it, though? A must!


It's easy getting into the Chrsitmas mood in such a beautiful place...


Is it weird that I feel the need to hug pretty houses?


Next ride: The amazing Maus au Chocolat!


The queue is Disney-quality themed...or would you disagree?


A CAKE! There are cake recipes hanging on the walls, too.


Time to shoot those mice....


Pretty low score this time, but I've passed the 300k mark later on......which is still pretty low..... :D


What's next? Visiting Phantasialand with 3 girls, the merry-go-round was the obvious choice...


Those guys were incredible....


Took some photos while the girls rode the horses...


Beautiful lighting everywhere...


Oh my....


View from the merry-go-round towards Kaiserplatz...


Short visit to Wuze Town to ride the Winja's. One (or two, rather) of my favorite coasters on the planet! And then....


....the best theme park ice cream out there!


Had to take a shot like that...


One of the bigger stores of the park...


...Ooooh the weather outside is frightful...


The "Magic Rose" show was absolutely beautiful!


GOOD LORD!!! *_*


Feng Ju Palace, heading towards Hotel Ling Bao...




Phantasialand + Theming = Win!


The stunning lobby of the Ling Bao...


I wanted to take the girls to the Dragon Bar, but it wasn't open until 9pm (it was 8:15 at the time), so instead we had some drinks at Li River Bar just next to the lobby...


And again, Phantasialand knows how to make things look awesome!


Reading the menu....and if you're still reading this photo caption, that's it for now :D Hope you liked it.

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Phantasialand is, indeed, unique. I really enjoyed the place back in 2008, and I'm looking forward to visiting again (particularly for Chiapas and Taron). Their Christmas decorations are beautiful.

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Indeed stunning that picture of Chiapas + Black Mamba!

With this picture I almost forget the Disney Level. Is Phantasialand trying to raise the one bar that we themepark fanatics see as the creme de la creme in themepark business?

Even Disney doesn`t look that good during evening in my opinion.

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Indeed stunning that picture of Chiapas + Black Mamba!

With this picture I almost forget the Disney Level. Is Phantasialand trying to raise the one bar that we themepark fanatics see as the creme de la creme in themepark business?

Even Disney doesn`t look that good during evening in my opinion.


I really do think Phantasialand is slowly getting up the list of best themed parks on the planet. Will it ever be on Disney Sea level? Of course not, but it doesn't have to because no other park comes even close either. I personally see a lot more eye-beauty in Phantasialand than DLP for example.

I think when looking at the amount of money Disney is able to spend on it's parks compared to Phantasialand, we can all agree that Phantsialand is doing one heck of a job. An expansion of the park is long overdue, though.

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Phantasialand really packs a lot of stuff into a relatively small space, devided in spots, but still, an awesome park.


And I'm really sad that I miss out on some of the most amazing Holiday theming in parks big and small, that stay

open during this time of year, and usually have shorter schedules and ride operations, but that's fine.


Tis' the season, and a brisk night coaster ride is always a Sugar Plum in my books!


Thank you for sharing your visit to the Winter Festival there. It looks wonderful!

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