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Your First B&M Coaster?

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Invert: Batman, Six Flags over Mid-America, 1995

Sit-Down: Wildfire, Silver Dollar City, 2001

Floorless: Superman Krypton Coaster, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, 2004

Flying: Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great America, 2014

Hyper: Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America, 2014

Wing: X-Flight, Six Flags Great America, 2014

Launched: Thunderbird, Holiday World, 2015

Dive: Valravn, Cedar Point, 2016

Stand-Up: Riddler's Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2016


Giga is the only model of theirs I haven't ridden yet, but that's just a matter of time. SGF-CLT airfare is pretty cheap.

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For me it would be Kumba, circa 1997. I enjoyed some of the more thrilling rides, but I was not quire ready for anything with inversions. I go to ride Python (and you would think being an old Arrow it would turn me off, but not so). Went on Kumba, loved it (and got the on-ride photo), and then rode Montu.


In 1999, I rode Oblivion (and of course Nemesis) at Alton Towers (dive machine), 2000 was Kraken (floorless), 2006 was Georgia Scorcher, Goliath, and Superman at SFOG (stand-up, hyper, and flying), 2012 was Wild Eagle at Dollywood, and 2015 was Fury at Carowinds


I'm in the back, second from the left.

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Iron Wolf, 1990. I put down my crutches (sprained ankle) to ride that! And then went on a long ass trip with friends to ACE coaster con. Great times!


And despite what you may hear, Iron Wolf was AWESOME when brand new. It was crazy good. Then everything went to pieces in the next few years. Kind of like lots of (mostly wooden) coasters of the 90s. I hold those early experiences very near and dear!

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Well my first B&M was X-Flight like I mentioned, here the other first B&Ms I've ridden.

Wing: X-Flight (like I said, it was my first overall)

Invert: Batman The Ride,SFGAM

Floorless: Bizarro,SFGADV

Stand-Up: Green Lantern, SFGADV

Flying: Superman Ultimate Flight SFGAM

Hyper: Raging Bull, SFGAM


Haven't gone on a Sit-Down, a Dive, a Family coaster, or a Giga. Hopefully that changes soon.

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