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Your First B&M Coaster?

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Incredible Hulk (the original) at Islands of Adventure, in 2003.


Other B&M firsts

Inverted: Dueling Dragons (Islands of Adventure) [2003]

Stand-up: Mantis (Cedar Point) [2003]

Floorless: Kraken (SeaWorld Orlando) [2004]

Flying: Superman: Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Great America) [2005]

Hyper: Raging Bull (Six Flags Great America) [2005]

Wing: GateKeeper (Cedar Point) [2013]

Dive: Valravn (Cedar Point) [2016]

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Of you want to be really, really technical, then it was Shockwave at SFMM.


Technically, that is an Intamin, not B&M.

It looks like a B&M, it was designed by B&M, to me it's a B&M.


If we want to be really technical, it was actually designed by B&M, built by Giovanola, and sold to Intamin.


It was designed by Intamin and subcontracted to Giovanola and opened in 1986. B&M was founded in 1988. It doesn't matter who Walter & Claude worked for at the time since B&M was not in existence yet. It's manufacturer is still Intamin.

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I would have to guess either Raptor or Batman the ride at Six Flags St. Louis...if I had to guess I'd go Raptor, because I seem to remember my dad getting walk of shamed on it then going to our home park the next year to try fitting in Batman and still couldn't do it.

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Stand Up - Riddler's Revenge, 2002

Invert - Silver Bullet, 2005

Floorless - Scream, 2006

Flying - Tatsu, 2006

Hyper - Diamondback, 2010

Dive - Griffon, 2012

Wing - Wild Eagle, 2012

Sit Down - Incredible Hulk, 2014

Family - Family Inverted Coaster, 2016

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Let's see;


1) Invert: Alpengeist, BGW 1998

2) Hyper: Apollos Chariot, BGW 1999

3) Sitdown: Incredible Hulk, IOA 2004

4) Dive: SheiKra, BGT 2006

5) Floorless: Batman TDK, SFNE 2006

6) Stand Up: Georgia Scorcher, SFOG 2007

7) Flyer: Superman UF, SFOG 2007

8) Wing: Wild Eagle, Dollywood 2013

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I posted in this thread back on page 2, but since we're now categorizing the different types of B&M's I figured I'd give it another go.


Inverted - Batman la Fuga (2003)

Floorless - Superman / la Atracción de Acero (2003)

Hyper - Nitro (2008)

Flying - Superman - Ultimate Flight SFGADV (2008)

Sit-down - Kumba (2014)

Dive - Sheikra (2014)

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Invert: Batman at SF:Great America. Rode it the year it opened. That was a 3 hour wait well worth it!

Floorless: Dominator at Geauga Lake

Flying: N/A

Stand-Up: Iron Wolf at SF:Great America. My very first B&M experience. It was a really smooth ride back in 1992!

Wing: Gate Keeper

Dive: Valravn

Sitting: Wild Fire at Silver Dollar City

Hyper: Diamondback (Best B&M I've ridden)

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Batman The Dark Knight, Six Flags New England


Well, I can get a little more specific:


FLOORLESS: Batman The Dark Knight, SFNE

INVERT: Raptor, CP

STAND UP (only): Green Lantern, SFGrAdv


HYPER (only): Nitro, SFGrAdv

Forgot some


DIVE: Valravn, CP, 2016

WING: Gatekeeper, CP, 2016

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Invert/First Overall - Great Bear - Hersheypark

Flying - Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great Adventure

Stand-Up - Green Lantern - Six Flags Great Adventure

Floorless - Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure

Hyper - Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure

Wing - Gatekeeper - Cedar Point

Dive - Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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