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Your First B&M Coaster?

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I'm a little bit foggy on the specific order, but it was either Raptor or Vortex at Carowinds. At the time, Raptor immediately became my #1 coaster. It's held up over the years, but seemed so ahead of its time in a day and age when Arrow reigned. I was blown away by its smoothness, pacing, and variety of elements.


I remember waiting at least two hours for Vortex, and just about everybody was sweaty with anticipation. I'd hear, "Whoa, whoa, you stand in that loop? No way -- nuh-uh! I ain't riding that!" The roar also added a sense of intimidation. With rides like Fury today, it's funny how the formerly mighty Vortex now seems more like a family ride.

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Medusa! I was pretty apprehensive about the floorless concept due to the marketing hype on the SFDK website, but it quickly became one of my first favorite coasters. I still have it ranked the highest among floorlesses; whether that's deserved is uncertain, but I think the loop and zero-G roll are solid.

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