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Which UK coaster ?

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I am really interested in what people from across the pond think of our coasters here in the UK. Let me know which coaster you would love to ride (If you haven't been to the UK), or your favourite if you have visited the UK.


My favourite as you can probably tell by my avatar is The Smiler at Alton Towers, I'm also a big fan of Saw at Thorpe Park, even though I don't consider Gerstlauer as the best manufacturer.



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I haven't been to the UK since 2006, but my favorite coaster there was Alton Tower's Nemesis--a great, old-school B&M with excellent theming. Steeplechase at Blackpool was my second favorite.

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Hi cfc,


Nemesis is an awesome coaster, I remember queuing for what seemed like a week for my first ride in about 1994. Nowadays the queue is much shorter, and the ride a lot rougher. They used to have a red stream running through the valley and queue line but they stopped pumping the dye through recently which is unfortunate. Apparently a worker accidentally let the dye run into a nearby stream or something, so they put a stop to it. A good choice though.


I've only been to Blackpool once, and Steplechase wasn't working that weekend so I can't comment on that.

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Nemesis would rank very highly on my list of must ride, not just UK, but anywhere. I would be content with flying out there, walking into Alton to ride Nemesis, and walking right out/flying back as long as it meant I rode Nemesis. Also very interested in the pair of Fantasy Island Vekoma rides, and Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe, even though it seems Nemesis Inferno isn't highly thought of.

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1 - Nemesis

2 - Dragon's Fury

3 - Blackpool Wild Mouse

4 - Steeplechase

5 - Nemesis Inferno


This is definitely a List I can agree with!


I'd change the order a bit, but this looks like a good UK top 5.


1. Nemesis

2. Steeplechase

3. Blackpool Wild Mouse

4. Nemesis Inferno

5. Dragon's Fury

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It's been about ten years for me and I only got to Thorpe Park. All I remember is that awful 10 loop coaster, Nemesis Inferno being decent and being disappointed with the parks weird closing time.


If I ever go back, Alton Towers and BPB is high on my list of places to go.

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^Those wooden Wild Mouse coasters are pretty insane, and Blackpool's is no exception, with the way they lean over in the hairpin curves and the craziness of the sudden drops. They're a dying breed and a completely different experience than the newer steel mouse coasters.

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The Wild Mouse was scary as hell, you do think you are going to fall out and the turns are immense, however due to the bruises and sheer roughness I wouldn't be quick to ride it again. I do appreciate the nostalgia though, In my old age (34) I think I'll stick to the newer coasters


Nemesis is probably the coaster I have ridden the most, Believe it or not its not normally the busiest coaster in the park. It's a great B&M never the less.

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Some great responses so far, but really, why all the love for the wild mouse at Blackpool?

Unique and scary.


And it's still standing.


Yep--the only other wooden mouse coasters left are in Australia.

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