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Favorite Star Wars movie


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What is your favorite Star Wars movie?


Was it one of the originals, Chapters 4,5 &6?

The prequels Chapters 1,2 & 3


Or the enhanced versions of the originals?


I'm pretty much old school and grew up with all of them liking "A New Hope" the best. It really doesn't bother me like it does some on the enhanced versions. Although Han did shoot first!

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The original three movies were by far the best. I like them in order by which they were shown starting with A New Hope. It was easiest to follow and had a really good storyline.


Empire was also good. I liked the battle scenes, and all of the little plot surprises. RotJ was very good, but some parts were drawn out, and I felt that so much was thrown at you that it was a little hard to follow. Still a phenomenal movie, some scenes could just be reconfigured.

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Haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, but here's how I'd rank the rest.


1. The Empire Strikes Back

2. A New Hope

3. Return of the Jedi







4. Attack of the Clones

5. Revenge of the Sith

6. Phantom Menace

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Our favourite is/was clearly the 4th one, released in 1977.


And we saw it in a full theater in San Franciso, sitting up in the balcony's

first row, because that is all that was left for us. We waited in line for at least

one hour, which we think isn't long compared to today, and how the geeks all

queued (waaay too early) for the new one, heh.


And when the Opening Scroll rolled up the screen, there was major cheering from the main floor!

Clearly a few of these peeps had seen it before. We think. It sounded awesome and just

pushed up our adrenaline more, and the movie hadn't even started, yet!


Anyway, it was clearly The Star Wars Highlight for us, for all these years, and we never saw any

of the rest of them like that, again.


As for the new one, we'll be seeing it in a few weeks.

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Empire Strikes Back, it's almost a perfect movie, and the movies ending would probably be one of the best movie endings ever, since the Vader vs Luke duel was amazing, and that Vader reveals that he is Luke's father at the end. Great movie.


Here's how I would rank them in order:


7- The Phantom Menace

6- Attack of the Clones

5- Return of the Jedi

4- Revenge of the Sith

3- The Force Awakens

2- A New Hope

1- Empire


And the reason why I picked a sequel over an original was because I actually enjoyed "Sith" more. It's the story of how Anakin transitioned to the dark side. And although that it might be the most intense and darkest Star Wars movie so far, it definitely packs a punch, probably more than "Jedi" did. Honestly, I thought that "Jedi" was great, but I just think "Sith" is a WEEE bit better.

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Weird, I never noticed this thread. That would have been useful for those curious about the new one back in early December!


1. Empire Strikes Back

2. Star Wars

3. The Force Awakens

4. Return of the Jedi




8. Revenge of the Sith

9. Attack of the Clones

10. Phantom Menace

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Here's how I rank them:


The Empire Strikes Back

A New Hope

The Force Awakens

Return of the Jedi

Revenge of the Sith

Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace


I enjoyed Force Awakens--it was wise to use as many practical effects as possible as opposed to nothing but CGI. The movie felt more "real" than the three "prequels."

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