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Which coasters are the "most fun" to ride?

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For me it's definitely Verbolten. I can get my entire family on the ride and we all love it. The German themeing is great and I love the added intensity of the black forest. No one sees the free-fall coming either just adding to it. This might also have to do with BBW being one of my first coasters too.... (Oh the memories)


If I'm with a first-time rider on Verbolten, I never tell them about the free-fall drop.


Neither do I! The look on their faces after is way too priceless.

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I'm going to go with Goliath at SFMM.


The ERT that we had on it at WCB a few years ago was a blast. I think that I rode 7 times in a row with only having to change seats a couple of times. Not the fastest, tallest or craziest, but just butter smooth, comfortable and lots of fun.


Really want to get to Texas so I can try out Titan.

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Pretty much any ride, coaster or not, at Knoebels.


I'll never forget my night rides on Millennium Force and Boulder Dash with El Toro_Ryan and of course all the great memories riding Nitro, El Toro, and Kingda Ka (Skull Mountain too). Riding Grizzly and Steel Force with my friends and fooling around way too much. Riding Furius Baco with my mom and brother, who made the terrible decision of sitting in the outer wing seat in row 5 . Convincing my dad and girlfriend at the time (who are both not very big coaster fans) to ride Phoenix was probably one of the funniest moments of my life. My dad was screaming his head off because he thought he was actually going to be thrown out of his seat and die.


For me the "most fun" coasters are the ones that I've made memories with friends and family while riding.

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So many of you are missing the 'Fun' element here.


I have not seen any of these pop up along the way:


Winjas @ Phatasialand

Tarantula - Madrid parque attractions

Colarado Adventure - Phantasialand

Eurosat - Europa - Best park in the world!

Stampida - Port Aventura

Sidewinder - Knotts

I-speed -Mirabalandia

Revolution - Bobeejaanland


If it makes you gooo WHHHEEEEEEEE! (not literally then its fun!)

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My wife and I really enjoy B&M hypers, with Diamondback probably being our favorite. It's smooth and fast mixed with plenty of floater air time and decent positive G's near the bottom of every hill. I think most people would find B&M hyper coasters intense, especially outside of the snobbish enthusiast community.


I agree with someone else who said they like Beast. It doesn't transition from element to element, but the setting, the nostalgia, and the sprawled out layout makes the coaster really enjoyable. While having ridden other 'wooden' coasters like Goliath (SFGam) and Outlaw Run I'm happy to say that I still enjoy rides on Beast.



I would actually compare El Toro vs Phoenix to a McLaren 570 vs a Volkswagen GTI, if you know enough about cars to make that comparison.


I get it.

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Stampida - Port Aventura


You call it 'fun'.

I call it pain........a lot of pain.

No fun at all[emoji12]

That's funny as it was one of the coasters that made me have some of the most fun I've had on a ride. Perhaps it was because I was riding with some friends but the dueling aspect, the pops of air and the laterals made it extremely fun. It wasn't smooth but I'd say most wooden coasters I've been on were rougher (and no, I haven't been purposely selecting the worst ones). This was only based on one ride, though.

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^This. Most Schwarzkopf rides have held up incredibly well, especially given their age. I think Mind Bender was my park favorite during a recent SFOG trip, and I never visit SFOT without riding Shock Wave. Just a damned fun coaster with forceful loops and nice pops of air, also remarkably smooth for pushing 40.

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I would have to say that The Fly at Canada's Wonderland is one of the most fun coasters to ride! I just enjoy how you feel as if you're going to get tossed out of the seat while going around the tight turns! What makes it more fun is putting your hands up throughout the whole duration of the ride!

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Here is my list of "fun" coasters:


Blue Streak - Cedar Point

Batman - the Ride - Six Flags Great America (borderline fun and intense)

Superman - Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America

Viper - Six Flags Great America

Whizzer - Six Flags Great America

Phoenix - Knoebel's

Flying Turns - Knoebel's

Wildcat - Hersheypark

Lightning Racer - Hersheypark

Grizzly - Kings Dominion

Outlaw - Adventureland Iowa

Jack Rabbit - Kennywood

Raven - Holiday World (borderline fun and intense)

Excalibur - Valleyfair!

All Wild Mouse coasters/spinning coasters

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You know what? I'm gonna go ahead and say Surf Coaster Leviathan at Sea Paradise. Yeah, the Togo that has absolutely no right to be as awesome as it is...




(And an OOPS from me - I didn't know Surf Coaster had "Leviathan" after it. I just knew it as Surf Coaster.)

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