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Single element with the most dropped items

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El Toro definitely has to claim the most loose items at GADV. I've witnessed so many phones and other random crap fly out of people's pockets over the first two big airtime hills and come crashing down on to the ground below. I'm honestly surprised NJ does not allow Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro to run together due to loose articles but is okay with El Toro's q-line being directly next to two of the most punishing hills in history. Those shade tarps help a ton if you know what I mean.


And not only does Toro claim phones and other thing like car keys or wallets but it also claims many hair weaves and keeps them as souvenirs. During 2015, there were at least two hair weaves hanging from the structure. lol

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Skyrush: Every part of it.

Woodstock Express @KD: First drop. Saw a kids hat very close to the track. Told an employee, but he couldn't have seemed to care less. Several other things scattered around as well.

Storm Runner: Brother lost some loose change on the flying snake dive. (Probably lost some more given SR's nature)


I have a few more examples, but those are the ones that seem a little out of the ordinary/extreme.

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At Holiday World, if you look at the roof on the gift shop next to where the ride dives into the tunnel under the station, there is always a ton of hair bands on that roof.


Based on my experience on Thunderbird, I'm going to assume any B&M coaster that has an inline twist is also a pocket emptier. I watched 3 quarters fall out of a guys pocket in front of us and 1 of them came back and hit my friend right in the chest where there is no protection from the vest. George Washington's face was permanently planted on his chest for awhile.

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Normally vertical loops, cobra rolls, and other high positive g elements don't produce dropped items because they are pushed down rather that upwards. But zero g rolls and corkscrews will because the positive force is less than one.


Airtime hills are really big killers for loose articles. I lost a season pass before on Ride of Steel's airtime hills (luckily it was my last visit of the year anyways). Also, last summer I nearly caught someone's phone while riding Millennium Force in the back seat. Could you imagine what the person's reaction after the ride would be if I handed their phone back to them?


I actually caught someone's cell phone on Nitro and Great Adventure a few years back. The airtime is so floaty that it was as if someone under-hand tossed it to me. I was able to return it to the owner after the ride.


When I was working Magnum we would find tons of stuff every night by the return airtime hills. There was usually a line of 4 or 5 people around closing hoping to get their stuff back. I'd say 4-5 cell phones a night at least.

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Furius baco's heartline roll is a good one too. The fact that as you rotate you go through 1 positive, negative and lateral G (like on other rolls of this type) combined with the intense shaking will make quite a few people lose their stuff if not properly secured. Even my watch which was strapped to my wrist nearly fell (the vibrations opened the metal locking thingy)

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Banshee lift hill and surprisingly the brake run.


"There's a shoe on the blue thing."

I wonder how people manage to lose stuff on the lift hill

Probably thanks to the design angle of the bucket seats. My question is how you can lose a shoe on the brake run, but not anywhere else during the course?

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