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[NL2] The Boss RMC Conversion

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I've been working on what I think The Boss at SFStL would look like if it were to ever receive an RMC I-Box Conversion.


Starting out, I only did the ride design, terrain work, sceney and The I-Box track. I posted a POV video my Youtube Channel:



I wasn't going to do anything else after that, but I got the motivation to start working on some custom supports. Right now it's a work in progress, but I plan to have it done sometime this month. I've also just upgraded to the Pro version of No Limits, and I'm experimenting with producing higher quality videos right now, as I'm not sure what the limits are for my laptop. So hopefully when I finish this project, I'll have a much better quality video to show off my work when it's completed!


This is what I have completed so far:




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^ It might "flow" like a B&M, but trust me when I say this, it wouldn't "feel" like a B&M.


On a serious note, it has to do with how spaced out the ride is. Every other coaster RMC has done is pretty compact in the space it uses. So certainly, all the elements on those coasters seem to hit all at once. This one is kinda all over the place and not as compact.

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Just an update. Right now it's just minor changes to the roll points on the track. I hope to get more work done on this project once I get through my finals next week.


Really tightened the rotation on the last inversion up. Just look at the front axle lol


I tightened the rotation on this one as well. One of my favorite elements. Roll out of the inversion into a drop filled with airtime.


You really can't tell what changed on this one, but I lowered the banking to really make that last turn has strong laterals.

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