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What Social Media do you use the most?

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1) Twitter

2) Facebook

3) Snapchat

4) YouTube

5) Instagram


I rarely post anything anymore but am a big lurker. I like and favorite posts all the time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I will re-tweet a lot on Twitter but I won't share much on Facebook. I do miss your TPR Snapchats but I understand that takes a lot of work and time updating what you're doing at the moment.

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Youtube--almost daily. I watch videos but do not post. YouTube comments are bad for the blood pressure.

Reddit--couple times a week, mostly reading, occasionally posting.

Facebook--occasionally, to get news on companies and parks I want to follow. I do not have an account; I just go to their page when I want to. Facebook comments are also bad for the blood pressure.


That's all. I don't really have time for social media, or rather, I choose to do other things with my time.

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1 Facebook....I have lived in afew countries so I use facebook to stay in touch with friends. Don't post much on theme park facebook sites.

2 You Tube...watch music videos and watch the TPR roller coaster vids aswell


Don't use any of the others. I will post on various sites like TPR for coaster related stuff. Other than that I post a lot in aviation related sites for educational and work related stuff.

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1. Facebook - Even though it's becoming increasingly annoying, I'm online every day. I mainly lurk, following friends a bit and keeping up with a few pages and groups (entertainers, companies and events). I still don't post or interact much.


2. Twitter - It finally "clicked" with me. I pay attention to a select few people, post mainly uninteresting thoughts (a bit journal-like), do an occasional RT, and interact a bit with bands or brands (only positive/quasi-clever stuff so far).


3. Instagram - I have an account; I don't use it, but am quietly debating whether to start or just not bother. I lurk a few strangers and small businesses; I should probably start following them to make it a bit easier.


4. Youtube - I'm by no means a fan, and don't make use of my account, but I'm slightly more apt to search and watch videos than I used to be. I never comment.


5. Tumblr - Don't use it; don't like it, but will rarely browse a page or keyword I find through Google, 'cause it's there.


6. Snapchat - Don't care about and don't use.

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YouTube is the only one I use. I will occasionally open a twitter page to follow something interesting (ie tprs iaapa coverage has been a favorite the past few years ) . Only a hand full of occasions a year will I look at twitter. I'm on YouTube daily, I subscribe to a lot of channels. I rarely comment or "like" anything.


I'm on forums more than anything, but I keep up with YouTube channels that are relevant to my interests.

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I post content fairly often- I'll do a maximum 5-6 posts per day, but I don't post content every day. I'd say at a very minimum I'll do one post per week. How often I'll post depends on how much I have going on in a given week- if I'm doing something exciting (like going to parks), I'll post more, and on weeks when I'm doing "normal" stuff (working and school), I'll post less. More often than not I only post photos that I personally have taken. Usually I'll post them through Instagram, and have the app also send my Instagram post to Facebook and Twitter. I do use Snapchat on occasion as well, but not to the extent that I use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


In terms of following others (like TPR), I usually follow through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I do follow TPR on all these apps as well as on Snapchat. I will "like" posts constantly on all these platforms, but the only place where I'll "share" it is on Twitter (in the form of a retweet). The reason why I don't do a whole lot of sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram is because I feel like I'll be annoying my friends/followers if I'm posting too much, plus I generally would rather share my own original content than reposting someone else's content. Whenever I do "share" or repost content, I do always give credit to the original source by mentioning/tagging them (again, I've done this for TPR several times over the years). In terms of what I'll share, it's usually things like official press releases (since it's normally accompanied with concept art), high quality POV videos, or special events (attraction grand opening or "final/last ride ever" closing photos/videos). It would have to be something that I can't recreate myself with my own resources- again, I prefer to post my own original content if I can!


In general, I would say I'm more of a lurker than anything else. I'll catch up on what's been posted, "like" the posts that I like best, read the comments (and again, "like" the comments that I like- usually because I agree with what's being said, or someone made a funny/clever comment), and then move on. If I'm on Twitter, I might retweet the content that I like, but I don't do a whole lot of contributing/responding unless I have a really strong opinion on something that I feel might actually contribute to the conversation. For example, this thread- I'm responding to it because I feel that my opinion will contribute something to the conversation. I try to avoid posting/commenting just for the sake of doing so. I'm not someone who wants to get into arguments either- if someone tries to start a fight and/or is flat out trolling in the comments, I just won't respond...I have better things to do with my time!


Here's my ranking of social media apps that I use:

  • 1) Facebook
    2) Instagram
    3) Twitter
    4) Snapchat
    5) YouTube
    6) The rest: Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn (even though it's more job-related than social), and "anonymous" apps (Whisper, YikYak, etc)


I put Facebook as my #1 even though I said that I generally post on Instagram and share it to Facebook/Twitter because I consume the most content through Facebook. Instagram is just higher up in terms of creating/posting content for me since it offers a way to simultaneously post to 3+ apps all at once! I don't post anything on YouTube, I just use it to consume content (videos from TPR, Orlando Attractions, and other theme park sites/channels). As for the rest, I have accounts on them but very rarely use them- with those I really only created the accounts so that I could reserve the username I wanted in case I decide to become more active on them at a later time! I usually like to use the same username across all platforms for consistency- it's easy to tell friends/followers to find me on other apps using the same username rather than having a different one on each app.

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1. Twitter- RT and like fairly often, will tweet something original every now and again.

2. Facebook- Mainly keep it around to keep in touch with people but I'm still on a lot. I'll drop likes on anything that's interesting or funny.

3. Snapchat- I post to my story and look at other people's stories. I rarely use it to actually talk to anyone directly.

4. Instagram- I'll post something when I'm out doing something interesting so maybe a post about once a week or so. I look at it all the time though and will like anything interesting.

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Facebook - contribute and respond, but never share content

YouTube - lurker, never respond

Twitter - lurker, never respond. never retweet, rarely use (only to get updates on non-televised sports)

Instagram - never use

Snapchat - never use

Tumblr - never use

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^ I do find it interesting that a lot of the over-40 crowd feels similarly towards social media (not really into it) versus the younger generation (a lot are really into it).


Most older adults that I know only use one or two sites - mainly You Tube and/or Facebook.

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Twitter (Write a lot of crap, favourite a lot)

Facebook (I don't post that much but I check it often)

Tumblr (Use my coaster one sporadically, but the other one I just reblog a load of random stuff)

Instagram (Post a bit, like a bit)

Youtube (Very rarely comment but I do like videos)

Vine (Look at about once a week or so)

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I use my phone for everything including posting and liking content.


I check Facebook regularly and usually post their first. Instagram I like to edit my photos and re-post them there. Twitter I use on the fly or when I am in a park.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


You Tube for viewing videos


Rarely use the others.


Most likely to share and like a post on Facebook.

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Wow! This is all great feedback! Thank you!


Without having done any actual count and just scrolling through all the responses, it seems to me that Facebook still is #1 for most people when it comes to posting, liking, sharing, etc. Then Twitter and Instagram seem to be almost interchangeable for #2. I don't see many strong feelings for or against either of these platforms. YouTube for the most part seems to be a passive experience and the majority have said they watch videos on YouTube when linked, but not really actively browsing it.


And then everything else... Tumblr, Snapchat, Google+ etc, is mentioned here and there, but not a main source of social media for the majority of people who responded.


Very interesting! Thank you!

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I'll enter in:


1. Facebook: I still use this the most. I post and interact quite a bit. I also run some pages through it so that may be one of the main reasons I'm still active. I don't share as much on FB as I do on Twitter.

2. LinkedIn: If this counts, I use this pretty frequently and am constantly trying to network and make changes to my page.

3. YouTube: I do actively browse YouTube when I am bored or trying to find something to fall asleep to.

4. Twitter: I am starting to use this a lot more often now. I would say the majority of my shares come from Twitter because its designed to do that more than FB in my opinion.

5. Google+: I use sometimes. Not really active on it. I pretty much have it to maintain my Google Hangout & Drive

6. Instagram: Mostly only use for my business accounts, but not personally.

7. Pinterest: Still have an account, haven't used in years

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