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Coaster Expedition Volume 6 DVD is NOW SHIPPING!

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If there is any question about playing DVDR's I highly reccomend the "Cyberhome 300" player:




You can pick one up at any Best Buy, Target, or Wal-Mart.


It's cheap and it plays just about ANYTHING! Throw a disc of .jpg images, it plays, disc of .mp3's it plays, VCD's no problem! When someone sends us a DVDr and it doesn't work in any other players, this $40 beauty plays it just fine!


--Robb "DVD made out of play dough? No problem!" Alvey

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My collection of TPR goods:



I finally got my collection hooked up nicely. Thanks for the quick shipping you guys, it's much appreciated. Expect a review over at NCC and my own site within the next week, I Just gotta work out the details with the rest of the people that will be writing it with me. My girl and I are heading up to Reno tomorrow, then MW or PGA on Sunday, so Im planning on catching the DVD's in the car to pass the time.




(BTW checks in the mail, and thanks again for all the prompt service.)

Edited by Sean Menefee
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^ I'm waiting too Soren - and it unfortunately takes as long for stuff to get to me from the USA, as if Canada were over in Europe too, lol.


One of those things. Patience, patience....

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^Just for an idea Soren, keep in mind it did not go out until Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday. Since it is considered a Large Package I believe the minimum amount of time is 6 days. So that means Tuesday of next week would probably be the earliest!

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If you have pre-ordered, all the orders have gone out. If you don't receive it during the next week, please contact me directly.


Submitting another order will likely mean you will receive TWO packages as it is impossible for me to tell if someone is placing a 2nd order because they want to order more DVDs. This happens all the time becuase people want DVDs as presents, ordering for other people, etc.


If you DO order twice and you get two packages, you would be asked to either pay for them or send them back.


If you have any questions abour your order, the best way to get in contact with us is to email: robbalvey@themeparkreview.com



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I bought the Cyberhome 300 DVD player today from Circuit City. It powered up, but no matter what DVD I stuck in it, it said "Bad disc." These DVDs work OK in a PS2 and my computer DVDRW drive. I've got to go back and exchange it.

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^ Oh, that sucks. That's the first time I've ever heard someone have a problem with one of those players.


Let us know if the new one you get works ok.




I exchanged it and the new one works great! The DVD looks great on my 13 inch LCD TV!

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^ Oh, really? But Canada is not so far away! However, I am so curious. Everyday, when I come home after work, I hope there will be a package, but nothing till now!




You'd be surprised how long some things take to get from (ahem) there to here. With all the Customs searches now and whatever... I am really surprised if anything reaches me in under two weeks. That's a bonus, if something arrives any earlier.


But that's between our postal system, and the US' system, hmmm? I am sure there's a much better quality delivery system available between Europe and Uncle Sam Land.

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I hope I still get it this week before we go off to Orlando for two weeks...


As I am in Belgium postage will take longer... but if they would deliver it when I am not there the post will send it back after 14 days... (and I am gone for 16...).. So either this week (I hope) Or a some weeks later to avoid the post to send it back... aaaHHHHH....


Was it send air? (just currious)....

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I got my copy today. It’s great I love it.

I especially like the T shirt. Looks like you had a great time in Europe.

Hope to join you at some point during your trip to the UK next year.



Nick “Sounds like you enjoyed the SLC in Walibi World” Collins

Edited by Cllins
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