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Coaster Expedition Volume 6 DVD is NOW SHIPPING!

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Hey everyone! This is the news you have been waiting for. The new DVD is SHIPPING!!! We made our first trip to the post office tonight and got out more than 1/2 of the order so far. The rest will continue to go out this week.


If you haven't pre-ordered you can get the 3-disc DVD set by clicking here:




The new DVD set contains three discs and over 3 1/2 hours of

coaster and theme park goodness! Tons of fun park segments,

LOTS of coaster POVs and plenty of complete dark ride footage

to keep you warn during this off season. The 3-disc set is only

$25 for registered members or $30 for non-members.


So what are you waiting for? Go place that order!


For more details about our new Europe DVD click here:



Please remember that unlike many other sites, there are no pop-up or any kind of ads on Theme Park Review and we do not charge extra for additional content. Purchasing DVDs helps keep this site going strong!



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OK ill admit about 2 or 3 years ago I took some peoples footage and made a video out of it. I only did it to practise editing, however i DID NOT say it was mine and I DID delete it. I never said it was mine and send it to other people, that is a crime. Im sorry for doing that, but now I can just get my own footage.


I wish I had a camera 2 or 3 years ago.

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I got my DVD today. Thanks! I have only seen the opening, DLP, and closing sections, but I like what I see.


A question for all...is anyone having problems playing the DVD on a Playstation 2? It works fine on my computer DVD player. The PS2 makes some knocking noises when playing the DVD. It does that with some other DVDs and sometimes even jumps over or locks up during scenes randomly. I cleaned the DVDs, but it does the same thing. I suspect my PS2 is broke, but has anyone else had these problems?

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