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Photo TR: Cedar Point Closing Day!

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This is my first photo TR, so some of the pictures are "iffy" so i'm only sharing like 30 or so pics but I would like to share them with you guys!


Me, and a friend went to Cedar Point yesterday, November 1st. We got there around 9:30 am and bought him a BAF ticket which I bought with my platinum pass. We went into the park at around 10am to get some ERT in before the park opens to the public, we went on Maverick and then walked down to Millennium. Once the park was open we headed to the Valravn vending machine where I won some fries and 20% discount and my friend won a Valravn poster and a free ticket We decided it was best to go to Wicked Twister, since TTD and Raptor were closed because of wind. After waiting in a short line we decided we walk up to Power Tower as Gatekeeper's line was at an hour, no thanks. After Power Tower we went on to catch the killer $3 Pizza deal at el Corral next to Raptor, great stuff.


After lunch we went to Gatekeeper to find a shorter line of 30 minutes and rode it. Then we took the train to Frontier Town to ride SkyHawk, that's when we saw it. "TTD just cleared the hill!" I shouted. Me and my friend bolted to Dragster and encountered ourselves with a reasonable line, but unfortunately they were only letting the first three rows on, adding 2 rows every 20 minutes, so it turned into an 1:30 hour wait. After Dragster we wanted to ride it again, so we took our chance with Plinko and we got a Fast Lane Pass for one use only. We hit up TTD again to encounter the sunset at the top, best experience i've had on TTD for sure! I went to Speed Zone and got myself a Dragster Nano Coaster. By then we decided to go the General store where everything was 50% off. Everything there was okay you could say.. We took the train back to the front of the park. We walked to Gatekeeper to find ourselves with no line! After the amazing night ride we went to Wicked Twister which was a walkon. After a long day of riding we decided to leave the park, it was a great day!


On the road to Cedar Point!


The Main Entrance


Gatekeeper in all its glory


Airtime! (Well, sort of)


Raptor! Which was closed almost all day


Raptor's intense drop!


Power Tower!


I spy Rougarou!


The Rouga-Sign


Millennium looking fine


Hands up!


Under the drop


That classic MF shot!


Millennium Force, featuring: Tree.


What goes up must come down


That bunny hop tho


Dragster's New paint!


More new paint!


Classic TTD shot!


Contrast: Old vs New


Waiting in line for Gatekeeper!


Wicked Twister track


My favorite (favourite for British folks!) angle of Gatekeeper!


Gatekeeper's Drop and 1st and 2nd inversion!


Maverick's drop!


Valravn Construction (I apologize for low qual)


More construction





Maverick's killer drop


Ejector pt. 2 (Well that's the end, hope you enjoy!

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nice shots. MF is still the most beautiful coaster ever built (if anyone wants to contest this, show me what you got)

A few come to mind--Fury 325, GateKeeper, maybe El Toro. Millennium Force is a beautiful coaster though.


Matthew Owen photography

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Ah . . .'tis a song of sweet sorrow whenever the theme parks closed for the season. "Tis the time for rides to be rehab during this time, and a new coaster to be constructed that's gonna kick !!! As for myself, I'll shall use this off-season to lose some weight, trim an inch or two off my chest, and get myself into thrill riding shape; methinks I should plan a return visit since it's been a few years since my last visit ( and that was to Soak City for the benefit of my ailing friend who could handle water rides, but no roller coasters - take my advice: don't get a heart attack! ), and I can feel the park calling me to come in 2016. To me, Cedar Point is the Mecca of riders and amusement park flyers everywhere.


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!

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