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So this thread is simple. A person asks a question, like:

What park is Fury 325 in?

And you would answer and come up with a new question, like so:



Question: Who is the current owner of Busch Gardens Tampa?

And so on and so forth. Keep in mind that not all the questions have to be theme park or roller coaster themed; they can be about anything at all, just nothing TOO hard. I'll start!


Question: Who is the current host of America's Funniest Home Videos?

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Furious Baco?


How tall is Ghostrider.


Its Formula Rossa I don't think Furius Baco is an accelerator anyway on their website its listed as a wingrider.




Ghostrider is about 120ft.


How many coasters are located at Europa Park?

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The manufacturer of Guardians Of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! is Otis Elevator Company while the designer is Walt Disney Imagineering.


What coaster was the first to feature 4 inversions when it opened in 1980?

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