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Who actually reads our "Monday Fun" emails?

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I love them! I wish I got TPR Monday Fun emails every day of the week!


I just like getting emails from anyone! I'm sad and pathetic! But I have tons of penis enhancement pills, so I've got that going for me. I only order them so someone will respond to me. I need a friend, and a place to put my hard dick.


Seriously though. It allows me to catch up on other stuff besides the threads I follow. So... ...yeah.

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I usually check the email for any interesting stories. But if it were to come more than once a week, I would just likely delete those additional emails without checking on them.

Also, do you choose the posts in the email because you think that's what people will find interesting? or because that story had the most page hits over the last week etc? I check in on TPR a few times a week, but I would guess there have been some obscure cool/fun posts that I may have missed. It would be nice to see a 'Hey you may have missed this' type story (something that perhaps got very few views) along with the big boys like Cedar Fair etc...

Regardless, I hope you keep doing the emails because they're always informative and a good way to start off the week.

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I do! Mondays are usually slammed with catching up from the weekend and things left undone on Friday. Having a fun email from TPR that always seems to have links and summaries (very helpful) of things I've somehow missed on the boards is awesome. I flag the email and catch up on the reports or reviews I've missed. I check the forum several days a week but there can be so much new content, and perhaps I have a tendency to click on local park threads, that it's hard to keep up everything. Without the email I would comment significantly less and be out of the loop pretty much all the time. Thanks for doing the Monday Fun! I look forward to receiving it each week.

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