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That One Ride You Just Can't Enjoy...

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I still love it, but I can't enjoy Xcelerator at Knott's properly because I black out every freaking time. I've been on the thing at least 50 times, but for some reason, I can't keep my vision through the whole ride. I'm good through the launch and the top hat, but then everything starts going dark halfway through the first overbank, and I'm usually totally blind in the second overbank. Once we hit the brakes, it all comes back in about a second.


What am I doing wrong?


I think clinching your thighs about every 3 seconds or so is supposed to help push blood into your upper body and thus brain as well. This same thing always happens to me on Goliath at Magic Mountain in that helix. Not as server and it of course it stops as soon as the G's do. Fun though.

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It's a small world, mission space, stich, figment, tidal wave at bgt, any high spinning flat ride and lastly I loathe those stupid jumping rides. Not even sure what they are called but I hate them. They tickle me so damn much and I hate being tickled. F#$_ those things.

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I know I said this was one of my favourite roller coasters when I posted in that 'Say hi!' thread. But now I've changed my mind.




I was 12 at the time in around March or February and we went on a Parc Asterix trip. I got to ride OzIris about six or seven times but every time I just blacked out two or three times. EVERY RIDE. Because of this, I actually don't really like OzIris as I just can't get the chance to wake up and enjoy it.


I enjoyed Goudurix more. To be honest, when I rode it, it was absolutely fine. *hides behind concrete shield* But when I get the chance to go to Parc Asterix again, I'll see how OzIris is.


Note that it was my first time on an inverted coaster.

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I could list so many rides I avoid or dislike. But the top ones are:

- Gwazi (BGT; RIP) for being so rough

- Flashback (SFMM; RIP) for being so painful

- Grizzly (PGA) for being so lame

- B&M Flying machines with pretzel-loops for almost making me faint.

- Small World (Disney`s MK) - for having a mind-erasing song that you'll keep singing along for 3 encarnations in a row...


Event though, If I were invited now, I would ride any of the aforementioned ones now.. LOL


Cheers from Rio,


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I'd have to say Wildcat at Hershey or Hurler at KD. Probably two of the worst wooden coasters on the East Coast give or take a few.


Wildcat is a golden god. You hush your mouth.


Hurler, on the other hand, has seen better days.

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I'm adding Vortex at Kings Island to my list. We rode it for the first time this summer and expected it to be rough, but to say this coaster is rough is an understatement. We were expecting the typical roughness in the transitions, and such... but no. Even every flat straight segment of track was rough. It felt like we were speeding in an out of control car down a dirt road that was full of pot-holes. I think if they would remove the square wheels from the coaster it might be slightly more enjoybale. . . But as of now I have no desire to ever reride it.

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Stitch's Great Escape.


OMG. I cannot stand that ride. I really think that by process of elimination, it may be the worst ride on Disney property. Between the obnoxious restraint, the burrito burp, and overall just feeling dumber when you come out of the attraction, I just can't stand it. I'm at the Disney parks probably 2-3 times per week and I don't think I've been in that attraction in about 5 or 6 years.


If it closed forever tomorrow, I wouldn't miss it.


Were you ever a fan of the original Alien Encounter? I rode it when I was 8 and was absolutely terrified, but totally loved it at the same time! I can understand why Disney felt obligated to tone it down but when I read the announcement about the Lilo and Stitch conversation I intuitively knew it was gonna suck...

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It's a Small World at Walt Disney World. The one at Disneyland actually isn't bad, but at the Magic Kingdom in WDW they run too many boats so they pile up at the end, the music doesn't change at all, and they didn't even make an attempt to hide the fact that the ride is in a generic show building. (ex: the tile ceiling is very well lit with holes punched through it to hang down props)

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Same here. Those Looping Starships are EASILY the worst rides I've done. The lap bar crushes my balls, the OTSRs hurt my chest when leaning into the ride, and the hang time is just uncomfortable. It's just an unpleasant and awful ride.


If we're talking coasters, then I'd go with Gouderix, Dragon @ Adventureland, Bandit @ Movie Park Germany, and Wild Beast.

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