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K'nex Wicked Cyclone

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Hi Guys


This evening I started to build on my next K'nex project, the K'nex Wicked Cyclone! I only had about 45 min time this evening, but on the weekend I try to get some progress! Here are two photos I made. It isn't much, but it is something!

And if you have any questions or tipps for this project, than write me!


PS: A small question for the poll: how should I put the trains together? (1 train with 6 cars; 2 trains with 3 cars or 3 trains with 2 cars?)


Every coaster starts with the first few pieces! ;)


How it is now! PS: do you know which part of the ride it is? ;)

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My adrenaline is flowing already!!!


I still can't get over what an awesome job you did on TC. Too bad you had to dismantle...

Cant wait for this! Your other projects are amazing so this one might as well be awesome too!

Thank you! I'll try my best!

First up, I already have a small problem! I have to wait to continue till I've got my new bed!

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I made some more progress. I already installed some track and the chain roll on the bottom of the Lifthill. I continued on the Lifthill with making it taller. I'm almost completed with the height! I was also looking if the car has enough speed to catch up the chain of the Lifthill and it works fine.

Here are some photos:


Track added


And the Lifhill got taller


Note: the 3 car train you see won't be how it will be when it is completed! It is only for testing. But I should know it soon if I should make three 2 car trains, two 3 car trains or one 6 car train that I can do the "real" testing, so please vote in the poll!

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Looking good so far!! I vote for 2, 3 car trains!! I think that would look the best!

Thanks. I'd also say it would be better with 2 3 car trains and if you think, the pieces still have to support the train weight under many G's! I'll look how the result will be and if it doesn't works, I still can change it.

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Little Update:


I continued with the work on the Lifthill, where the chainlift is completed and working.


Here are some Photos:


The structure reached it's maximum height


and the Lifthill got a chainlift


PS: Sorry that it takes so long for these updates, but I don't have much time because of school and I have to wait to continue till I've got my new bed!

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Looking good so far! I'm really excited to see how this turns out, because Wicked Cyclone is a twisted mess, and even after watching the POV many times, I have no idea how the layout goes.


I would also go with 2, 3 car trains.


Good luck on the project!

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New Update! (after a long period of time)


I now have christmas holiday and so now I have plenty of time to continue working on Wicked Cyclone. I've done the first drop and the first overbanked turn. I also made a test run and it worked perfectly.

Here are some photos:


First I need to continue to build the main structure


Building up


And done


After some trackwork, that's how it looks like now.


And from the front.


The next few days I'll post more updates.


From the other side

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Today I didn't made much track work, I only made the overbanked turn higher up and added the small hump after the turn. But the most time I spent on completing the main structure.

Some photos:


A bit more track work


A closer look


And more structure!


Now I only need to do more trackwork to complete the coaster.

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I made some trackwork till the double-down. I couldn't do any full speed test runs because the batteries of the booster are empty. Tomorrow I'll buy some new ones and continue building and then some test runs. Mayme I'll be posting a video here!

And now some Photos:


Continued on the zero G stall


The overbanked turn after the 1st booster


And so does it looks like now




The whole coaster


And the overbank with the double-down.

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I completed trackwork till after the first roll. I also made Test runs with 3 & 6 car trains and I have decided which one I'll take, the 3 car train! Why? Watch

why not the 6 car train and
why the 3 car train!

Here are some photos:


New built part


The zero g roll that looks like a heartline roll :o


And an overview


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I've completed trackwork today, but I have a problem! The car doesn't has enough speed to go around the last corner! Up to the station I'll be adding some chains, but there aren't curved chains!

At some points I'll be removing some useless structure, that the coaster looks better. And the station also needs to be done.

But now some Photos:


And from the other side


Another angle


And the two rolls


A closer look to the turnaround


Overall view

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Small, but BIG UPDATE!!!


I added the chain for the station, a small station building, done some track modifications, mostly on the last turn and added a pushing motor, which pushes the car on the chain lift up the station.

But the BIG NEWS are: it's finally making laps without that I have to push the car somewhere!


Here I've done most of the track modifications


And the pushing motor


Brakerun chainlift with the station


The station

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How do you connect the coaster cars together? Is there a special piece that comes with the sets? I have numerous cars but not sure how to connect them without rigging it with a rubber band and spacer. Thanks!

Well, it is just a rubberband and a spacer! But the rubberband has to be stretched when it is in place, otherwise it's bumping around with the spacer.

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