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What is your favorite B&M roller coaster at Cedar Point?

What do you consider the best B&M coaster at Cedar Point (excludes Valravn)  

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  1. 1. What do you consider the best B&M coaster at Cedar Point (excludes Valravn)

    • Rougarou/Mantis
    • Gatekeeper
    • Raptor

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A thought just occurred to me. After Valravn opens, Cedar Point could arguably claim to have both the best collection of B&Ms and the best collection of Intamins out of any park in the world. This is taking both quality and quantity into account. Of course not everyone will agree, but it's kind of a remarkable possibility.


Out of parks with at least three B&Ms, the only ones I can think of with comparable collections will be the two Busch Gardens parks, Sea World Orlando (including Mako), Islands of Adventure, and Carowinds. The Six Flags parks with big B&M collections are all a little too clone-heavy for me.


And then for Intamin you really only have Hersheypark offering an equivalent collection.

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While I haven't been on Rougarou (only Mantis), Raptor is the best B&M in the park in my opinion. However, I still LOVE GateKeeper and think it's a great, solid, smooth, fun ride, but it can't beat Raptor's intensity and layout (I do think GateKeeper gets pretty lackluster after the last barrel roll).

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